SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 3, 2015) - On the evening of March 12, Constance Finley, founder and CEO of Constance Pure Botanical Extracts (, will speak at the California Academy of Sciences' exhibit located in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Among other topics, she will discuss how her high-quality medical cannabis oils are used to provide plant-based treatments for cancer, PTSD, and more.

The event is part of the Academy's NightLife series, which aims to take participants "on a journey to the stars and to the depths of the sea with a cocktail in hand and wonder in your eyes." During this upcoming event, "Mind & Body," Finley and other special guests will be tackling the complex relationship between mental and physical health.

"We are delighted to represent cannabinoid therapeutics at this event," says Finley. "This type of groundbreaking exposure, for us and for medical cannabis itself, is so important as we strive to bring the incredible benefits of cannabis medicine into physician-recommended treatments for those who are seriously ill."

Additional special presentations throughout the evening will include a pop-up yoga workshop, a raw food demo, a discussion on the effects of zero gravity on the body, two showings of Habitat Earth in the planetarium, psych-altering sounds, nutrition tips from experts and much more.

Constance Pure Botanical Extracts will have a table set up on the main floor for those who would like to meet Constance and other members of the cannabis scientific community whom will be in attendance as her guests.

The festivities will commence at 6pm. Visit the event website for more information and to purchase tickets -- $10 for members, $12 for non-members.

About Constance Pure Botanical Extracts:
Constance Pure Botanical Extracts is a medical cannabis industry pioneer. The collective's cannabis oil and related products are based on years of experience cultivating, processing, testing and producing medical cannabis. Constance Pure Botanical Extracts uses only the most valuable portion of locally grown cannabis plants -- not byproducts -- to create cannabis oils that are tested at various stages of development for potency and purity. Her oils are produced using safe, food-grade, organic ethanol. Learn more by visiting

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