CEGEDIM STRATEGIC DATA : Worldwide Pharma Industry Sales Force Levels Flat in 201

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Worldwide Pharma Industry Sales Force Levels Flat in 2014

Paris, March 5, 2015 - Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD), a leading provider of healthcare market research and services, has released results on worldwide Pharma industry sales force levels for full year 2014.

CSD's measurement of 2014 sales force levels shows a slowdown in the decline seen in previous years.  Worldwide, sales force levels were flat at 439,500 full time rep equivalents (FTEs) - a slight +0.4% increase compared to 2013.

North America sales force levels continue to decrease, however at a slower rate, where total FTEs stood at just under 65,000 representing a decline of 2%.  Overall, FTE estimates for the top 5 Europe (France, Germany, Italy, UK and Spain) showed a decrease of 5.3% to 72,000 reps.  However, of these top 5 countries, the UK maintained stable sales force levels in 2014 (+0.5%) compared to a 12% drop in 2013.

Notably, Japan's sales force levels decreased by 4.8% to 52,353 reps, in contrast to a stable result in 2013.

China was the exception showing double digit growth of sales force levels of 11.4% with some 111,000 FTEs measured as of Q4, 2014.  Brazil also saw an increase, although at a slower rate compared to 2013, with over 29,000 reps through 2014, up 2.4%.

Commenting on these results, Christopher Wooden, VP, Global Promotion audits for CSD noted, "Consolidation has clearly started to slow in mature markets, partly due to the high number of NMEs[1] approved over the past few years. The opposite appears to be the case for Japan however as generic penetration is set to dramatically alter the pharma landscape there. These results indicate that sales force reductions are already being made in advance of a local patent cliff in Japan."

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[1] NME = New Molecular Entity


Worlwide Pharma Sales Force Levels Flat 2014