NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - March 06, 2015) - Undertone, a leader in digital advertising solutions for brands, today announced the launch of PIXL Studios, a new division designed to help brands execute custom high impact digital ad formats, provide end-to-end creative support, and tell standout brand stories across screens. PIXL brings together a seasoned team of creative professionals with expertise in building complex creative and helping brands leverage Undertone's unique cross-screen ad formats to best connect with digital audiences.

PIXL Studios goes beyond traditional creative services by providing end-to-end support for digital campaigns. The range of services offered to Undertone clients include ideation sessions, creative concepting and mock-ups, design, build, and production of digital campaigns across screens and formats.

Said Undertone CEO Corey Ferengul, "Our creative team has been working their magic for years behind the scenes creating high impact advertising solutions that are proven to drive brand results. With the launch of PIXL Studios, we're excited to grow the Studio and our investment in creativity, which we expect will result in even better digital campaigns for our band clients."

Undertone's creative services have been employed by hundreds of clients over the years, from small agencies to large holding company divisions to brands themselves. Undertone was recognized in 2014 for its outstanding creative work with awards from Digiday, OMMA, and IAB MIXX.

Clients who have enjoyed Undertone's creative services in the past are looking forward to taking advantage of the expanded PIXL team's services. Tamara Bousquet, SVP, NY Capability Media Lead at Digitas, commented, "We value our partnership with Undertone; their innovative services help bring our message to life across all digital screens."

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