PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Mar 11, 2015) - Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy released the following statement after the Western States Petroleum Association filed an appeal on LCFS rules with the Oregon Court of Appeals:

"Last week, the Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) filed a petition requesting that the Oregon Court of Appeals strike down the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission's Phase 2 Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) rules. WSPA is a member of Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy (OSFP). OSFP strongly supports WSPA's appeal.

"OSFP supports the primary position within WSPA's appeal, which affirms that the Oregon Legislature cannot direct the EQC to perform tasks inconsistent with federal law or our state and federal Constitutions. Notwithstanding, and despite efforts by WSPA to assist in the rulemaking effort, the EQC ultimately adopted Phase 2 LCFS rules. We support WSPA's position that the Phase 2 LCFS rules are not consistent with fundamental requirements under federal law and our state and federal Constitutions.

"It is unfortunate that events have required filing of this appeal. Nevertheless, OSFP is deeply concerned about the cost and harmful ramifications of recently passed LCFS legislation, SB 324, in light of the Phase 2 LCFS rules. OSFP believes that SB 324, administrated by the Phase 2 LCFS rules, may significantly raise the price of fuel for Oregon consumers and businesses. We believe the deepest harm will come to rural and lower-income Oregonians. Therefore OSFP strongly supports the appeal filed by WSPA."

About Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy:
Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy is a coalition of fuel users, consumers and business organizations opposed to the adoption of the proposed Low Carbon Fuel Standard, or LCFS. For more information, visit www.OregonFuelPolicy.com.

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