NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - March 12, 2015) - Ghostery, the leading provider of digital transparency and privacy, announced today that its highly-rated privacy browser is available in the Silent Circle's Silent Store for Blackphone.

Ghostery has provided best-in-class digital privacy and transparency for mobile devices since 2011. In 2014 Silent Circle created Blackphone -- the world's first private-by-default smartphone. Early this year saw the launch of the Silent Store, which features curated apps reviewed by Silent Circle for privacy and security practices. Each app's requested permissions are listed explicitly, so that users can download with confidence while exploring new apps and services. 

The Ghostery Privacy Browser combines the utility of a fully functional mobile browser with the same privacy features Ghostery provides with its desktop browser plugin. In addition to features and functionality common to leading mobile browsers, the Ghostery Privacy Browser delivers advanced privacy features such as;

  • Displays a list of trackers and the ability for individuals to block various digital tools and social widgets
  • Blocking new trackers by default
  • Whitelist regularly used sites for faster performance

The Ghostery Privacy Browser is free. Users can opt-in to Ghostrank®, which allows consumers to anonymously share information with Ghostery about their online experience. Ghostery gathers insight about data collection activity, website performance, and security issues as people browse. This information remains anonymous and is never used to track or target a user.

Users of the Blackphone's PrivatOS operating system and communication tools now have access to the most private and informative mobile web browser. The Ghostery Privacy Browser will be available in the Silent Store on March, 12th.

"As part of providing a secure mobile experience it is important to provide a secure browsing experience. Ghostery provides Silent Circle's Blackphone customers a means to have a private and transparent browsing solution," said Daniel Ford, D.Sc., Chief Security Officer of Silent Circle.

To download the Ghostery Privacy Browser for Android, please visit -

About Silent Circle

Silent Circle is a leader in enterprise privacy, delivered through a revolutionary mobile ecosystem of devices, software and services, starting with ZRTP to build a fundamentally different mobile architecture.

Now led by Bill Conner, the former Entrust President and CEO and Nortel President, Silent Circle was co-founded by Mike Janke, former Navy SEAL and security expert; Phil Zimmermann, co-founder of PGP, developer of the ZRTP protocol and 2015 inductee into the Internet Hall of Fame; and Jon Callas, creator of Apple's whole disk encryption software and co-founder of PGP Corporation. 

Silent Circle is headquartered in Switzerland, home to the world's best privacy laws. For more information on Silent Circle, go to:

About Ghostery

Ghostery is a technology company that helps consumers and businesses expose and eliminate digital blind spots in the Marketing Cloud -- the collection of digital technologies that power, measure, socialize, and optimize websites and apps. 

Businesses rely on Ghostery Marketing Cloud Management to drive ROI by maximizing the security, performance, and profitability of their digital assets. Key clients include Equifax, Intercontinental Hotels Group and Procter & Gamble depend on Ghostery to take their digital business from chaos to control. 

Founded in 2009, Ghostery is headquartered in New York City with a technology office in Salt Lake City and sales offices in London and San Francisco. The company is backed by Warburg Pincus, LLC, the global private equity fund. Learn more at and @ghostery

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