BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Mar 12, 2015) -  DataXu, a leading provider of programmatic marketing software, today announces the launch of OneView, a new technology that enables cross-device data management, targeting and measurement.

The average U.S. household now owns more than five connected devices. Most digital marketing platforms consider each of these to have its own identity which can result in siloed, wasted media spend and reduced ROI. OneView links these proliferating identifiers into single consumer view that marketers can then use to more effectively target and more accurately measure, offering a more relevant consumer marketing experience.

"We're at the beginning of a new era in cross-device audience management, with huge benefits accruing to the brands and agencies that do it well," said Sean Corcoran, SVP, Director of Digital Media and Social Influence at Mullen. "What I love about DataXu's OneView technology is that it gives marketers complete transparency into the data -- the sources, the linkages and the uses -- and then gives them check-box simple tools to configure."

More control for a privacy-centric world
OneView is unique in its approach to protecting brands and their target consumers by providing complete transparency around and control over which data sources are being used with check-box simple controls to tailor data usage. Global marketers can use these controls to ensure compliance with local privacy laws and corporate policies while maximizing the allowable use of data. Finally, OneView honors real-time consumer opt-out consistent with all industry standards. 

"We've entered the era of people-based marketing and the brands that embrace this leap will enjoy a real competitive advantage," said Mike Baker, DataXu CEO. "But the benefits of this kind of data management carry risk for the brands that don't have full visibility into the data they're using, or the control to manage those sources appropriately. With OneView's visibility and data management capabilities, marketers can amplify their data while maintaining and increasing consumer trust."

"Different brands have different needs when it comes to consumer data usage," said Joel Nierman, VP, Media & Digital Strategy for Liquidus. "The OneView technology was made with this in mind, giving marketers simple tools to manage these needs. That's the right approach, in my view."

OneView enables the following capabilities:

  • Amplify reach for people, not cookies: OneView can amplify reach by transforming and activating cookie-based audiences from legacy DMPs into the real-world of the cross-device consumer. OneView can also stitch together an incredibly wide variety of "aliases" or identifiers to form a complete picture of a person. Along with browser cookies, OneView can use mobile Ad IDs, privacy safe household IDs, proprietary advertiser IDs, and more.
  • Tailor consumer experiences: Using OneView, marketers can create more relevant consumer experiences through a variety of advanced capabilities such as cross-device frequency caps; cross-device message sequencing to match marketing messages with a consumer's path to purchase; real-time conversion path analysis; multi-touch attribution models; and finally, bridging digital buys with TV campaign data to bring TV buys into the digital marketer's world.
  • Measure and attribute marketing impact better: OneView provides marketers with the clearest, most holistic picture yet of the impact of their cross-channel marketing efforts.

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