DUBUQUE, IA--(Marketwired - Mar 18, 2015) - The first quarter of 2015 is finding many local companies downsizing as they struggle to succeed against the pressures of today's economy. Mid-American Management Group has found a way to not only survive the wild of the business jungle, but instead to flourish into a triumphant business that shows no signs of impediment continuing onward.

With unemployment averaging nearly 6% across the country, it is a wonder that MAMG is managing to grow at such a promising rate. Having just opened their doors on November 15, 2014, Mid-American Management Group has already more than doubled in size in their first four months of business.

The base for MAMG has expanded into popular retail locations in addition to multiple sports venues, closing the gap between products and people. By introducing quality entertainment, products or unique services, employees know that they are providing only the best to their customers. This standard of customer satisfaction is what keeps the MAMG team confident in delivering success for both the company and its clients. MAMG follows the idea that if its employees are happy, then the consumers they communicate with will find satisfying results, which in turn makes Tier-1 clients happy. Mid-American Management Group continues this satisfaction through well-executed marketing plans and an excellent attitude.

"It is my expectation that we will continue to grow as a powerhouse throughout all of Iowa and beyond. I opened our Dubuque office with hopes of eventually growing into the surrounding areas. We were in 3 locations in November -- we are now in 7, and have also begun expansion into the Waterloo area. This was our goal all along, but I never would have anticipated it happening in only 4 short months," said Erik Hudson, President and CEO of Mid-American Management Group

With huge projections for this coming year, maintaining their "Work Hard, Play Hard" attitude has never been more important. The company trip to Las Vegas is just a few weeks away, and they will soon be announcing their destination for this fall's "R&R Getaway." "Life can't just be about work -- you get complacent. I have a team of some of the hardest working individuals I know, and it's only fair that they are rewarded for it. We would not be growing the way that we are if it wasn't for them," said Hudson when asked how he maintains company morale.

Hudson was asked how he thinks Mid-American Management Group has been able to grow so quickly despite the tough economy and being such a new company, and where he thinks the company is headed in the coming years. "I think there are two factors that have made it possible for us to grow. First, the downsizing of other companies with the economic crisis has turned into a perfect storm for us. Our large brand name clientele needed new business more than ever and this gave us the pick of the litter when hiring on new applicants for our sales positions, internships or Management Training Program. Second, and equally important, the reason we are able to succeed is due to the fact that we bring buying power back into the hands of the retailers. With consumers bombarded with thousands of phone calls and daily mail, I knew it was time to reinvest in the power of face-to-face customer service to build simple relationships and deliver what people ask for; which is why Mid-American Management Group is thriving." Hudson expresses high hopes for the future by saying, "After we crushed this past year's holiday rush -- just weeks after opening our doors, I expect this year to be a huge success for this company. We are experiencing such rapid growth and there are no signs of us slowing down."

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