REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 18, 2015) - Twin Prime, an innovator in mobile data delivery optimization, entered the market today with a new mobile application acceleration solution to power the delivery of dynamic, static and encrypted content on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. By focusing on performance bottlenecks in the wireless last mile, where 70 to 90 percent of mobile latency resides, Twin Prime's mobile-first technology can increase mobile application content delivery speeds by over 100 percent without caching, compression or content modification. Twin Prime's technology is easy to use and is complementary to current acceleration solutions like CDNs. Fortune 500 brands, m-commerce, advertising networks, publishers and companies of all sizes with a mobile presence -- including social media apps such as Frontback -- already rely on Twin Prime to deliver a faster and more consistent experience, resulting in significant growth in user engagement. In a separate release, Twin Prime announced an oversubscribed $9.5 million Series A funding round led by DFJ and True Ventures with participation from Milliways Ventures and Moment Ventures.

"Existing acceleration solutions typically address the challenges of the wireless last mile with a combination of caching and content optimization techniques. While beneficial, these approaches can't fully account for continually changing network conditions, diverse devices, operating systems and the networks of global carriers," said Jim Davis, senior analyst at 451 Research. "Organizations that rely on mobile apps as a primary way to connect with their customers need an acceleration solution, like Twin Prime, that is context-aware."

Twin Prime's acceleration technology enables brands to distribute any content -- including images, videos, texts and HTTPS -- to their users via their mobile apps, without relying on content aware acceleration methods like caching, compression and image resizing for speeding content delivery. For example, m-commerce platforms are able to use Twin Prime's solution to improve user engagement with their mobile apps and provide on-demand dynamic content across the world. With m-commerce expected to exceed $700 billion by 2018*, fast mobile networks will become critical for long-term customer satisfaction. Consumer and social apps use Twin Prime to increase user engagement and time spent in-app by providing a rich and consistent experience for users.

"Speed is critically important for any social media app, as the majority of our content is visual in nature," said Frédéric della Faille, CEO of Frontback, a leading photo sharing app with a global presence. "Twin Prime solved the mobile performance problem for us globally. It's amazing how something so quick and easy to install delivers such significant benefits."

Twin Prime's new software platform provides the fastest way to adapt to changing network characteristics. To achieve unparalleled mobile content delivery, the platform employs several original technology features that provide valuable benefits to users including:

  • Uniquely focused on mobile speed and performance. Mobile performance is dictated by the wireless "last mile" between the handset and the access point (e.g., cell tower) -- which is the most bandwidth and resource constrained leg -- where 70 to 90 percent of today's latency challenges occur. Twin Prime's technology mitigates these challenges, including latency, network strength and interference, and diversity in networks, devices, operating systems and carriers, and enables the fastest, lowest-latency way to serve high-quality, dynamic, static and encrypted content on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
  • Optimized strategies for every mobile session. Unlike current mobile acceleration solutions that lack consideration of mobile operating conditions and merely repackage PC and web application strategies, Twin Prime's Global Location and Context-based Acceleration Strategy (GLAS) technology utilizes automated hypothesis testing to achieve real-time automatic selection and deployment of optimization strategies customized for specific mobile network characteristics and operating conditions including device, application architecture, network type, quality and location.
  • Mobile app solution that is simple to deploy. Mobile application developers can easily integrate the lightweight Twin Prime SDK in a matter of minutes, even over secure protocols like HTTPS, without having to make lowest-common denominator compromises in mobile app development and design.

"Existing acceleration solutions were not built for the highly diverse and volatile mobile ecosystem," said Satish Raghunath, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Twin Prime. "With demand for mobile data increasing exponentially, traditional optimization solutions are an archaic answer for a challenge of this magnitude. We recognize the uniqueness of each operating condition in mobile and automatically customize the optimizations to the characteristics of that network."


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Twin Prime, an innovator in mobile data delivery optimization software, powers the fastest way to deliver content to mobile devices on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks. The company's GLAS technology utilizes an automated hypothesis testing infrastructure to mitigate imperfections and variability in the wireless last mile by optimizing and customizing the content delivery strategy every time a mobile app is launched. Twin Prime solves for the inherent volatility and diversity among devices and networks so companies can increase user engagement and build brand affinity. These optimizations are content agnostic, don't rely on caching, compression or content modification, and enable Twin Prime customers to engage their users by delivering high quality content, even over secure protocols like HTTPS. Fortune 500 brands, m-commerce, social media apps, advertising networks, publishers and companies of all sizes with a mobile presence rely on Twin Prime to connect with millions of customers daily.

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