MILTON, MA--(Marketwired - Mar 18, 2015) - "Trending Words," BoomWriter's newest feature for its interactive vocabulary tool, WordWriter, revolutionizes vocabulary instruction, allowing educators to easily create vocabulary lists by selecting from top trending terms used by other educators on BoomWriter. Trending Words brings vocabulary development into the 21st century by crowdsourcing the terms -- much like Kickstarter -- and displaying the most popular vocabulary words being taught for that month, and also like Twitter's trending hashtags.

BoomWriter's Trending Words blends signature, easy-to-use technology and academically-impactful tools with social media, where teachers can see what vocabulary words are "trending" for a particular grade, subject matter, or location based on site usage. For Trending Words' first phase, vocabulary terms tagged as ELA-focused will be featured, with other subjects and options soon to follow.

"Every teacher understands the importance of vocabulary when it comes to students' reading comprehension and overall learning," said Ken Haynes, BoomWriter's co-founder and President. "However, many teachers lack the curriculum, tools, and time necessary to help students with their vocabulary development." Haynes, a former middle school and special education teacher who was the first to pilot BoomWriter in the classroom, believes, "WordWriter helps address this need by serving as an effective and engaging tool for teachers to use with their students, and our new Trending Words feature will let teachers utilize their most trusted teaching resource for guidance with vocabulary instruction -- other teachers!"

WordWriter provides teachers with an interactive vocabulary learning experience that increases engagement levels and develops a deeper understanding in students through application in their own written work. As with BoomWriter's story-writing platform StoryWriter, and ProjectWriter, the new nonfiction tool for Science, History/Social Studies, and ELA, students review and assess the anonymous work of their classmates and vote for the piece that best utilizes and conveys the meaning of the selected vocabulary, further enhancing their vocabulary comprehension. 

Like all of BoomWriter's features, WordWriter is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Teachers can also use their students' submissions to assess the levels of understanding taking place on both an individual and/or whole class basis, as well as provide personalized feedback. WordWriter offers monthly themed activity downloads for teachers that include a themed list of vocabulary words and an accompanying lesson plan. Some of their past vocabulary themes include November's History of the First Thanksgiving, January's Civil Rights Movement, February's Innovators & Inventions, and their current offering, March's Weather activity.

For more information and to begin using WordWriter and Trending Words in your classroom, please visit and register for free.

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