SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 18, 2015) - TrapX™, a global leader in deception-based cyber security defense, today announced the appointment of Gregory Enriquez as the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Enriquez brings more than 30 years of relevant industry experience to his new role having previously served as vice president sales at FireEye, where he led the worldwide sales team for the company's advanced technologies division. Enriquez will also be joining the TrapX Security Board of Directors.

"The growing adoption of deception-based technologies is driven by the urgent need for cyber defenses that can combat the accelerating momentum of advanced malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day threats," said Dan Avida, general partner, Opus Capital. "Throughout his career, Greg Enriquez has demonstrated exceptional ability to deliver aggressive growth and profitable results. His leadership qualities combined with his extensive experience in cyber security make Greg the ideal person to lead TrapX."

"During the course of a year we have seen over one billion data records compromised and over $1 billion stolen by hackers. Current cyber security defense solutions are clearly not enough to meet the increasing wave of advanced and deadly cyber attacks. TrapX's unique ability to detect and deter attackers once they have penetrated an organization's network brings compelling value for our customers and partners and complements their existing security solutions," said Gregory Enriquez, chief executive officer for TrapX. "TrapX provides a new layer of defense to defend against targeted attacks. I am confident we can grow our leadership position in the cyber-security market."

Prior to joining FireEye, Enriquez served as vice president of worldwide sales for rapidly growing Mandiant, which was acquired for a one billion dollar valuation. He also led worldwide sales, services and marketing for Symantec's high growth SwapDrive business unit. Prior to that, Enriquez served in executive sales roles at Stratus Technologies and IBM.

Enriquez earned a Bachelor's Degree in business administration from the University of Southern California (USC).

About DeceptionGrid™
Deception-based cyber security defense enables customers to meet and defeat the threats of advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero day events and other sophisticated malware. DeceptionGrid automates the deployment of a network of camouflaged malware traps that are intermingled with your real information technology resources. These traps appear identical in every way to your real IT assets. Once attackers have slipped past your other cyber defense products, they move laterally to find high value targets. Just one touch of DeceptionGrid sets off a high confidence ALERT. Real-time automation isolates malware and delivers a comprehensive assessment directly to your security operations team (SOC). You are ready to defend your enterprise and defeat the malware. DeceptionGrid changes the rules of engagement and helps you take the initiative back from the attackers.

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About TrapX
TrapX Security is a leader in the delivery of deception-based cyber security defense. Our solutions rapidly detect, analyze and defend against new zero day and APT attacks in real-time. DeceptionGrid™ provides automated, highly accurate insight into malware and malicious activity unseen by other types of cyber defense. We enable a pro-active security posture, fundamentally changing the economics of cyber defense by shifting the cost to the attacker. The TrapX Security customer base includes global 2000 commercial and government customers around the world in sectors including defense, healthcare, finance, energy, consumer products and other key industries. Learn more at

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