TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 18, 2015) - CB Leaseco Holdings Inc. ("CB Leaseco") announces that it has sold its 100% interests in Blue Chip Leasing Corporation and EcoHome Financial Inc. (together, the "Acquired Companies"), and its loan receivables from the Acquired Companies, (the "Acquisition") to Chesswood Group Limited ("Chesswood") and has received, as part of the consideration for such sale, 1,806,384 common shares in the capital of Chesswood ("Chesswood Common Shares").

The 1,806,384 Chesswood Common Shares over which CB Leaseco exercises control and direction (the "Consideration Shares") represents approximately 10.25% of the issued and outstanding Chesswood Common Shares after giving effect to the exchange of the outstanding exchangeable shares of Chesswood US Acquisitionco Ltd. (and related special voting shares of Chesswood) that are exchangeable for 1,478,537 Chesswood Common Shares.

The Consideration Shares have been acquired by CB Leaseco for investment purposes.

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