NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 19, 2015) -  It's no secret that competition for deals and new business mandates in the M&A market in North America was intense in 2014, but the latest proprietary data from Sutton Place Strategies, LLC demonstrate the impact of that trend on thousands of financial and strategic buyers as well as financial and legal advisors searching for deals and deal mandates in a lucrative but highly fragmented environment. 

"While much of the media focus on the M&A market is on a small number of large buyers doing megadeals, as well as the top tier investment banks and law firms that advise them, the reality for most deals done -- particularly in the middle market -- is very different," said SPS CEO Nadim Malik. "While there is certainly concentration among the most active players in each category, equally as compelling is the fragmentation of the M&A market overall, and the challenge and opportunity it presents to win new business opportunities through effective business development strategies."

Malik added, "Whether you are a private equity firm or a corporate acquirer looking for good deals at the right price, or an investment bank or broker looking for deal mandates, or a law firm looking to expand its M&A practice, the question you need to ask now is: 'Based on our strategy, who are the most relevant people that should be on our calling list this year?'"

1. Let's start with a look at the financial advisors:

  • Activity in this segment is much more diffuse than expected, with 814 firms having completed at least one deal in 2014.
  • There is a concentration of activity at the top, with almost 30% of transactions represented by the top 20 investment banks, and a long tail of boutique advisors on the other end of the spectrum, with 581 firms completing between one and three deals in the year.
  • Given those numbers, it's no wonder an effective deal sourcing strategy is so critical to success.

2. Moving on to buyers:

  • Over 4,400 different firms made an acquisition in 2014.
  • While 71% were strategic buyers and 29% financial, 16 of the 20 most active acquirers were private equity firms.
  • With more than 60% of the acquisitions being valued at less than $50 million, the lower end of the middle market, competition in this less transparent segment is increasing.

3. Finally, taking a look at legal advisors:

  • 584 different firms worked on at least one M&A transaction in 2014.
  • However, similar to investment bank fragmentation, 70% did three deals or less last year.
  • Middle market law firms that take a more strategic and focused approach to new business development can win market share when compared to less proactive law firms.

To download Sutton Place Strategies 2014 league tables, please click here.

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