SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 19, 2015) - Zephyr Health, the only Data Intelligence solution built specifically for health science companies, today announced the launch of Voyager, a mobile analytics and primary feedback solution for healthcare and life science customers.

"Life science leaders need to get ahead of the massive amount of data rapidly transforming their current landscape," said William King, founder and CEO, Zephyr Health. "Our solutions target commercial, medical and research leaders and put them in control of driving better business results, in addition to saving significant time and money. Now, with a single swipe, field and home office teams can benefit from synchronized and dynamic data capture, which means better communication and shared priorities. Ultimately, this results in getting the right treatments, to the right providers, to advance patient care faster than ever before."

Voyager, the mobile extension of Zephyr Health's powerful platform, automates the process of pushing insights to teams in the field and in turn, sends primary feedback to home office teams in real-time -- no messy, disjointed spreadsheets. Now, sales representatives and medical science liaisons armed with an iPad will be able to validate target lists, analyze healthcare providers (HCPs) and institutions, and dynamically prioritize their activities, all in one mobile application.

Customers such as Gilead, Genentech and Medtronic utilize Zephyr Health's Data Intelligence solutions to analyze the relationships between patients, healthcare providers and hospitals. Zephyr Health's products bring together disparate data sources and use advanced analytics to filter, aggregate, organize and visualize meaningful insights -- on demand. The company's solutions include global data for every major disease and treatment area, plus the ability to add an organization's internal data for additional context. Strategic insights are easily discovered via pre-built software applications that are designed specifically for clinical, commercial and medical affairs teams.

"In health sciences, there's a tremendous amount of data that remains largely disconnected. As a result, the enterprise software market is littered with complicated products that business people struggle to use," said Ronald Meaux, vice president, products, Zephyr Health. "Voyager provides a consumer-grade design that makes it easy for business people to use and enjoy. It's designed to be as elegant and self-evident as the iPad itself."

Zephyr Health integrates thousands of global data sources into a single platform, and provides all-in-one applications for analysis and insight discovery. Voyager is designed to complement mobile CRM applications already in use by sales representatives and medical science liaisons. The goal is not to build a new transaction system, but rather to increase the value of those investments already made by Zephyr Health's customers.

Voyager Key Benefits:

  • Find new insights: Experience powerful targeting for enhanced prioritization and profiling of key target healthcare professionals
  • Improve strategic planning: Complete synchronization between home office and field staff for better communication and shared priorities with the push of a button; No consultants or IT staff required
  • Better territory management: Real-time visibility into accurate, current information about health care professionals and institutions for more meaningful interactions
  • Instant market validation: Automatically determine targets and complete surveys questions with a click so that you can get the right message to the marketplace faster
  • Reduce costs: Zephyr Health takes care of the complicated software, data feeds, analysis and dashboards so that you and your teams can focus on a common view of advocacy initiative outcomes

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