VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - March 19, 2015) - The Vancouver Taxi Association is proud to announce its support for the Mayors' Plan for Better Transit and will be encouraging its membership to vote YES in the upcoming transit plebiscite.

Taxis are a complement to public transit, and Vancouver's taxis are on the roads 24/7 to serve the public at times when other transit options are unavailable. We support a YES vote to improve late night transit service, and allow us to better serve the City at those times.

Taxis are also the most convenient and affordable way to get from point A to point B within the City. Traffic and road congestion impacts all road users, and affects both the convenience and affordability of our services. A YES vote will reduce traffic congestion and allow taxis to reach more customers and deliver them to their destinations more quickly and at lower fares.

A YES vote will ensure that the next generation of residents can rely on a comprehensive transit system that is safe, reliable and convenient. A modern transit system that meets those requirements also supports job creation, environmental sustainability, and ultimately builds and strengthens communities. With a YES vote, we believe there are positive gains to be shared by drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and HandyDART users. It's also clear that the consequences of putting off taking action now are significant. If voters choose to vote no, it will be a setback for the region as a whole. Economies, the environment, affordability, commuting times, social inclusion and even public health will suffer.

If implemented, we believe the Mayors' Plan will provide timely expansions and enhancements to the regions transit and transportation network that will help ensure wait times and congestion are reduced throughout the region. We are proud to play a role by voting YES for transit and transportation improvements.

About the Vancouver Taxi Association

The members of the Vancouver Taxi Association are consistent knowledgeable pacesetters within the taxi industry in British Columbia. We are visible, accountable and inspire other taxi companies with our leadership. The Vancouver Taxi Companies, including Black Top Checker Cabs, MacLures Cabs, Vancouver Taxi and Yellow Cab have been voted the best in Canada and ranked 8th overall in the world by

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