HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 20, 2015) - President Barack Obama took the time to study the NCAA men's basketball bracket, make selections and televise an interview, answering questions about his choices. Meanwhile, according to VA and DoD statistics, we lose basically one veteran or active duty military personnel every hour. This will result in 441 suicides from the tipoff of the first game Thursday morning to the conclusion of the championship game on Monday, April 6. While we do not decry celebrating sport, we do feel a national discussion and prime time attention by the Commander-in-Chief would be appropriate and send a signal to our military, veterans and their families that they are a priority, not a distraction.

One life -- one flag

The tournament tipped at 11:15 am (central), and the first flag -- representing the first suicide -- was placed in the yard of Camp Hope. One flag will be added every hour throughout the tournament, leaving 441 flags. Camp Hope staff are working to assist veterans in putting the pieces of their lives back together by incorporating a faith-based approach to help combat the effects of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). Many warriors are coming home with visible wounds; countless others are coming home with scars we cannot see, wounded souls from witnessing the horrors of war over and over again -- PTS. It is our belief that we must make our communities aware and better prepared to welcome our troops home.

  • An estimated $9 billion will be gambled, both legally and illegally -- per The Chicago Tribune
  • Over 60 million Americans fill out a bracket every year -- per Smithsonian.com
  • $0 government is invested in The PTSD Foundation of America or Camp Hope
  • 1,000's have attended our groups, more than 150 veterans have been Camp Hope residents with zero reported suicides

PTSD Foundation informational overview with Michael Berry, National Spokesman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bec0C_lqBzE

The PSTD Foundation of America is a 501 c 3 Non-Profit. For more information regarding the PTSD Foundation of America and Camp Hope, please visit www.ptsdUSA.org

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