EDGMONT, PA--(Marketwired - Mar 22, 2015) - When Ken Bullivant, Founder and President of Plastrac, launched the new company in his home in 1995, he built it upon a solid foundation of 29 years of blending experience. Bullivant had been a K-Tron veteran, who designed the first mass-produced, digitally-controlled, continuous weigh feeder, engineered a series of loss-in-weight feeders, and developed over 20 patents in blending/weighing technology.

"Back then, I saw great potential for new breakthroughs and ongoing improvements in disc feeder technology," says Bullivant. "I am happy that has proven to be the case with many new products leading to our steady growth and our best sales year ever in 2014."

By 1997, Plastrac had built and shipped the first of its blending systems. Many thousands have been installed since then, successfully producing high quality blended and molded or extruded parts.

Today, Plastrac is a leading international designer and manufacturer of disc-based gravimetric and volumetric blending equipment, as well as materials loaders, for all plastics processing. Its Auto-Disc™ systems make the processing of plastics and additives easier and more cost efficient. By focusing solely on plastics blending, Plastrac has been able to refine its systems, adapting them to the changing needs of injection molding and extrusion operations and global business demands.

The company's steady growth required expansion twice of its headquarters and manufacturing facility. Plastrac builds, welds, assembles, and tests all of its products under one roof in its plant in Edgmont, PA (suburban Philadelphia) in the United States. It also carries a complete inventory of spare parts there and strives to deliver same day shipment and next day service to all of its customers. "We have become efficiency experts," says Bullivant. "Our designs, our manufacturing and stocking systems, and our customer service approaches are predicated upon keeping customers up and running, with reduced scrap, and operating at maximum profitability."

In 1996, Ken's son Eric Bullivant joined Plastrac. He began as a CAD engineer and worked in the shop, familiarizing himself with Plastrac's growing product line. Today, he serves as Vice President, regularly traveling in support of Plastrac's loyal customer base and in development of new business built off a steady flow of operational success stories. He notes, "A lot of Plastrac's growth can be traced to our responsiveness to industry trends -- dramatically increased use of micro pellets after the huge spike in the cost of virgin resin, the need for quick color changeovers, and the move to Just In Time manufacturing. Plastrac has earned its reputation for innovation and quality in blending, and for going the extra mile for customers."

The company will celebrate its 20th year in business-like fashion with more new products to be unveiled at the National Plastics Exposition (Booth W232) in Orlando, FL in March. The rest of the year will be marked with ongoing blending developments and that same steady approach to customer service and technical support.

For more information, contact: Plastrac, P.O. Box 1067, 3928 Miller Road, Edgmont, PA 19028, 610-356-3000, Fax: 610-356-7022, www.plastrac.com, sales@plastrac.com.

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