VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - March 23, 2015) - Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation ("APC" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE: APC) (FRANKFURT: 0E8) is pleased to provide the following corporate update to its shareholders.

The past six months represent the most intensely active period in the Company's existence. APC has embarked upon an ambitious campaign to advance its anticancer programs to a level sufficient to initiate substantive discussions with potential partners.

APC has been active on two fronts: (1) to develop the Foundation Trinity™ Technology, which combines anti-cancer therapies (including immunotherapy) in a single agent targeted for tumor cells, representing a "kinder and gentler drug" and (2) to exploit the immunomodulating properties of its protein delivery system in combination with FDA approved immunotherapies, so that a much broader patient population and more diverse cancer types can benefit from their application; these combinations have included checkpoint inhibitors and co-stimulatory molecules, which are applications at the forefront of the exciting new era of cancer immunotherapy, where numerous breakthroughs are anticipated.

During this period, APC has built on experiments repeatedly demonstrating retardation of tumor growth by APC 101 and APC 102, and initial observations of synergies with the clinically relevant checkpoint inhibitor CTLA-4. The Company has bolstered its programs with world class expertise in the fields of cancer therapeutics and immunotherapy. It is applying proprietary, potentially disruptive technologies, involving site-specific labeling of its protein delivery system. Exemplary applications include the synthesis of patent-pending molecules that meet the difficultly accessible gold standard of high purity and their tracking in animal studies which are essential for advancing potential candidates to the clinic. 

The Company has been vigorously filing new intellectual property through this period to protect its inventions involving methods for the preparation of its molecular assets, as well as composition of matter bearing on the chemical structures of potential cancer therapeutics, such as APC 101. Its patent estate has been strengthened by recently issued intellectual property by the US Patent and Trademark Office (#8,927,485) bearing on enhancing a protein's biological activity, as well as filings of our latest inventions in the cancer arena, which are currently being prosecuted.

These inventions include not only chemical modifications embodied in APC 101 and 102 and the like, but also molecules that have been produced through the application of molecular biology techniques in its laboratories. The latter are particularly well-suited for fulfilling the mandate of the Foundation Trinity™ Technology, by delivering chemotherapeutics, site-specifically bound to protein, directly to target cancer cells. Preliminary testing is ongoing and as merited, will be followed by intensive testing over the near term.

During this period, APC has extended its current animal model of cancer to other treatment models (e.g., breast cancer) in order to explore the scope of the anti-cancer activity of its lead molecule APC 101. The results of such exciting studies are nearing completion and will be the subject of news releases in the near future, along with announcements that elaborate on the foregoing themes.

State-of-the art triple combination experiments are now underway, since checkpoint inhibition alone, which release the brakes on the immune system, although strikingly effective in specific subsets of patients, is not sufficient to promote tumor regression in a majority of patients. Generating a robust therapeutic immune response requires not only releasing the "brakes" on the immune system with checkpoint inhibitors, but also stepping on the "gas" to activate "killer" immune cells bearing co-stimulatory molecules to eradicate tumors. Thus, combinations with co-stimulatory molecules plus novel immunotherapeutics such as APC's agents, are being tested with the goal of extending immunotherapies to a broader patient population.

"To provide more focused direction to our current programs for partnering purposes, as well as to establish initial contacts with potential industrial partners, preliminary discussions with major pharmaceutical firms have ensued. Overall, our current efforts are directed towards developing a compelling package that exemplifies the novelty and potential utility of our programs that will have universal appeal to both investors and partners," comments Dr. Alexander Krantz, President and CEO of APC.

About APC
APC has been applying its Foundation Trinity™ Technology to proteins targeted for the treatment of cancers. Advanced targeted therapies are designed to attack primarily cancer cells and are expected to dominate the anti-cancer therapeutics' market in the near future. The Company's goals are not only to employ therapy targeted for tumor cells, but also to deliver combination therapy in a single, pure therapeutic agent, that can also, in turn, be combined with additional agents to enhance therapies. To achieve this end, it has been the Company's intention to utilize a unique protein (and related systems), not only as a delivery vehicle to tumor cells, but also as a scaffold upon which to attach each anti-cancer entity to its own specific site on the protein surface -- both key to efficient manufacturing and product development. The protein vehicle has emerged as a potential immunotherapeutic as it is implicated in activating the immune system to attack and help clear tumor cells. Immunotherapy is perhaps the most powerful current approach to cancer, and one of great commercial interest to the pharmaceutical industry.

Alexander (Allen) Krantz
President and Chief Executive Officer

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