VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - March 23, 2015) - The Vancouver Taxi Companies started a lawsuit against Uber in November 2014 after Uber publicly stated that it would be imminently recommencing a taxi service in Vancouver without obtaining the necessary licenses from the Passenger Transportation Board and The City of Vancouver.

As Uber has since stated it is not operating in the City, the Vancouver Taxi Companies have decided to discontinue their lawsuit. The Vancouver Taxi Companies are thankful to Uber for respecting and abiding by the laws in The Province of British Columbia and The City of Vancouver, just as the Vancouver Taxi Companies have had to do for over 100 years. However, if Uber announces in the future that it will be operating in the City in breach of the legal requirements for taxi service, the Vancouver Taxi Companies will refile their lawsuit to prevent this from happening. We hope that will not be necessary and that if Uber decides to operate in the City, it will do so in compliance with the legal requirements. These legal requirements are necessary to protect the public interest in safe and reliable taxi services and cannot be ignored as Uber previously indicated it intended to do.

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The members of the Vancouver Taxi Association are consistent knowledgeable pacesetters within the taxi industry in British Columbia. We are visible, accountable and inspire other taxi companies with our leadership. The Vancouver Taxi Companies, including Black Top Checker Cabs, MacLures Cabs, Vancouver Taxi and Yellow Cab have been voted the best in Canada and ranked 8th overall in the world by

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