MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - Mar 23, 2015) - Innovative lifestyle brands manufacturer, Trendsettah USA Inc., has introduced two new flavors of its signature Splitarillos®, high quality cigarillos produced in the Dominican Republic. The new flavors are 18k Gold™, made with a honey-maple syrup base and LOUD™, an ultra sweet flavor profile.

"The ultra sweet LOUD™ flavor profile is the equivalent of adding French vanilla creamer to your coffee -- a smooth, sweet experience," stated Senior VP of Sales Bill Schoep. "18k Gold™ offers a unique flavor with its hints of honey and maple syrup. We're confident that our customers will enjoy these new experiences and we look forward to continuing to offer innovative flavor profiles."

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About Trendsettah USA, Inc.
Trendesttah USA, Inc. is a lifestyle brands manufacturer that appeals to a varied and large market of consumers, including tremendous popularity among the music and arts communities. The company has built successful brands such as Splitarillos®, Crystal Clear® and Blow® premium vaporizers, through superior imagination, innovation, execution and a willingness to lead trends, not merely follow them. Trendsettah is not afraid to break the rules of conventional thinking in order to best understand its customers and create relatable, trustworthy brands. Follow the Trendsettah brands on Facebook Splitarillos, Hood Wraps and Blow, Twitter @splitarillosusa, and Instagram @Splitarillos_usa, @HoodWraps_usa.

About Splitarillos®
The Splitarillos® brand is one of the highest quality cigarillos available in the U.S. Splitarillos® delivers exceptional quality in a wide variety of unique flavors that appeal to a varied and large market of consumers, including music and art communities. Distributed by leading manufacturer of innovative lifestyle brands, Trendsettah USA Inc., Splitarillos® are produced in the Dominican Republic, the premium cigar capital of the world, recognized for its superior climate for tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing.

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