BOSTON, MA and RUST, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Mar 23, 2015) - GMO GlobalSign, Inc., a leading provider of identity and security services for e-commerce, communications, content and communities and the security division of Tokyo-based GMO Cloud, part of the Internet Group, will spotlight critical challenges in the changing landscape for SSL and encryption solutions, and how web hosters can better address them, at WorldHostingDays 2015, taking place 24th to 26th March in Europa-Park, Rust. With recent changes in browser warnings and new certificate requirements adding new urgency, GlobalSign will showcase its long history of expertise as a certificate authority (CA) and how its solutions can help thwart the increasing number of security threats while creating new business opportunities for web hosters.

As demand grows for high-value products and automation, GlobalSign will detail how its Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates, and automated solutions such as CloudSSL and OneClickSSL, developed specifically for hosting providers to faciliate sales and the rapid issuance of SSL Certificates, can boost customer convenience and web hoster margins.

"The risks associated with unsecured websites are steadily on the rise. It is no longer exclusively large brands or banking companies that are the targets of hackers," stated Doug Beattie, GlobalSign's Vice President of SSL Products. "This threat environment is prompting browsers to display stronger warnings -- and driving website administrators to adopt encryption and utilize stronger forms of authentication for web servers and online communications."

Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox have recently begun to issue security warnings and downgrade websites with weak encryption capabilities. Google is further driving the adoption of HTTPS by ranking sites higher when they are using encryption. For hosters, this means there is an opportunity to help customers increase security and create better user experiences, with GlobalSign solutions that are both proven and future-proof.

Stronger Identity and Authentication With EV SSL Certificates
A recent survey shows that over a third of users actively look for the company name in the address bar when deciding whether to trust a website, highlighting that EV SSL is becoming essential to any organization with a web presence.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates offer more than encryption -- they provide the highest level of identity verification, showing that the company behind the website completed a stringent verification process, as defined and regulated by the CA/B Forum guidelines. With an EV Certificate, the company behind the website can prove its identity has been verified and authenticate itself to the visitors of the website, as displayed in a green bar, indicating trust.

Overcoming Limited IPv4 Resources and Time Consuming SSL Processes
As the industry faces the depletion of the pool of unallocated Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) addresses, GlobalSign will showcase how its GlobalSign CloudSSL™ can help address this limitation by enabling hosters to run several SSL Certificates on a single IP address, at no detriment to performance or compatibility.

To simplify the process of installing certificates, GlobalSign OneClickSSL™ saves hosting companies time and money in applying for, installing and maintaining SSL Certificates for their customers. The OneClickSSL plug-ins, which are available for the most popular hosting platforms, transparently create the CSR for the domain, validate the domain, install the issued certificate and bind it to the website. The whole process is automated and takes less than a minute.

Presentation: The Future of SSL and Encryption
On Thursday, 26th March at 3:25 pm local in the Bellevue Room, GlobalSign's Paul Van Brouwershaven, Technology Solutions Director, EMEA, will ask, "Are you ready for the new SSL-Landscape?" then detail best practices for server configurations, cipher suites, key length and risk management for meeting the challenge. He'll review the latest in encryption approaches and the impact of efforts by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment) on web hosters -- and the "Let's Encrypt" initiative promoting the issuance of free SSL.

For more on GlobalSign solutions or details on becoming a reseller for GlobalSign hosting products, visit GlobalSign's WorldHostingDays Stand A08, or visit

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