Joyent Launches Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure

Joyent Brings Enterprise-Grade Scale, Security, Networking and Bare-Metal Performance to Containerized Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 24, 2015) - Joyent, Inc., the container-native infrastructure company, today announced Triton Elastic Container Infrastructure, a platform designed to radically simplify container deployments in production at scale while delivering enterprise-grade security, software-defined networking and bare metal performance. Triton is now available for on-premises deployments, transforming an entire physical data center into a single, elastic Docker host, or through the Joyent Public Cloud.

Developers love Docker for the portability, productivity and cost efficiency it offers to distributed applications. On the operations side, Triton provides an enhanced Docker run-time environment that brings the simplicity and efficiency of the developer experience to operators. Triton delivers secure infrastructure containers plus software defined networking for containers, while eliminating host management complexities and providing bare metal performance.

Triton enhances Docker deployments with:

  • Simplified Host Management: Triton transforms an entire data center into a single, elastic Docker host, enabling developers to deploy and scale an application from laptop to production with the push of a button.
  • Security: Triton delivers production-grade security to containers, enabling worry-free, multi-tenant deployments and cloud-scale economics.
  • Networking: Treating containers as a first class citizen on the network, Triton delivers high performance, software-defined networking that is easy to manage. 
  • Bare Metal Performance: Fully leveraging OS virtualization, Triton eliminates the need for virtual machine hosts and delivers bare-metal performance to containers.

"What we have created in Triton is a complete platform that simplifies the tasks of running and operating containers in production, while still giving developers a full Docker experience," said Joyent CTO Bryan Cantrill. "There's really nothing else quite like it today."

"With financial transactions, security, performance and speed are everything. At Lucera, high performance containers such as Triton have allowed us to unlock the true benefits of containerization by eliminating the hardware hypervisor layer, allowing us to better utilize our infrastructure," said Jacob Loveless, CEO, Lucera. "Instead of wrapping containers in layers of guest operating systems and virtual machines, we are able to deploy containers in production securely, delivering bare-metal performance to our customers and cost efficiency to our business."

"Joyent's innovative use of the Docker API has delivered an important service for enterprises," said David Messina, Vice President Enterprise Marketing, Docker. "Triton offers organizations a great new choice for running secure, production-grade Dockerized distributed applications at scale."

The Triton Container Service Preview is now available for Joyent public cloud customers. Alternatively, Triton Enterprise can be deployed in your data center.

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Joyent is the high-performance container-native infrastructure company. Joyent's Triton Elastic Infrastructure is the best place to run Docker, making container ops simple and scalable with enterprise-grade security, software-defined networking and bare-metal performance. Triton is available for on-premises deployments or through Joyent Public Cloud. Joyent is also the corporate steward of the open source project Node.js. For more information visit

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