CINCINNATI, OH--(Marketwired - Mar 24, 2015) - Pets are a much-loved member of the family and pet parents today do everything they can to make sure their dogs and cats live a long and healthy life. Petbrosia, an online pet products company, today announces that with a recently granted $1.5M commercial acceleration loan from the State of Ohio, the company will expand its customized pet food ecommerce business and build new tools to allow for a pet's health and wellness to be stored, tracked and utilized to create a fully customized experience.

Intent on innovating the $60B pet food industry, Petbrosia is the first company to create pet food that is customized to meet the unique nutritional needs of each individual pet. Using its proprietary algorithm, Petbrosia has developed the process to customize the pet food blend precisely for your pet's changing nutritional needs, based on individual characteristics such as lifestyle, breed, age, allergies and activity level. The pet food is delivered to your doorstep every month.

The platform enhancements now being developed by Petbrosia will allow customers to track changes in their pet, such as changes in a pet's weight and body condition score or daily activity. Having a pet's information at owners' fingertips gives pet parents more control over the health of their pets and can be utilized by Petbrosia to ensure that the pet food blend is best suited for your pet's unique situation.

In addition to the platform enhancements now being developed where customer data on pets is organized and shared, the company is also implementing some pricing enhancements that go beyond its subscription model where customers can pre-pay, bringing costs down significantly.

"We are revolutionizing an industry which has not changed for decades, through our ecommerce approach and a highly personalized product," said Keith Johnson, CEO and founder, Petbrosia. "Our product is similar to an artisanal type of food which is made in small batches and with great care. Our pet food is pet-centric and made with the best ingredients. Our customers understand that having a healthy pet starts with their diet. The quality of food impacts their mood, activity level and overall health. We are committed to finding new ways to give pet parents more information about their pets' health and how to keep them active and healthy for years."

Petbrosia's food is made in and all ingredients are sourced from the United States. The company uses free-run chicken or North Pacific salmon as the first ingredient. It does not use corn, wheat, soy, or by-product meals.

About Petbrosia

Founded by an industry veteran and proud pet parent, Petbrosia is an ecommerce service offering custom designed dog and cat food to meet a pet's unique nutritional needs. Backed by the strength of its unique algorithm, developed by nutritionists and veterinarians, and using detailed information provided by the pet parent, Petbrosia creates customized blends based on the naturally changing nutritional needs of a pet. This blend will automatically adjust a pet's diet over time to meet their changing nutritional needs. Petbrosia is made in the USA, with all ingredients sourced from the USA. For more information, visit

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