SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - March 24, 2015) - Finisar (NASDAQ: FNSR), the world leader in flexible optical technology, today announced several new coherent transport product demonstrations to be shown this week at OFC 2015. These demonstrations include a pluggable CFP2-ACO coherent transceiver supporting 100G QPSK and 200G 16QAM applications, and the industry's first 5 inch x 7 inch Flex-Rate (40G to 200G) coherent transponder with internal DSP. Separately, Finisar will demonstrate a 100G ultra-long repeater-less fiber optic link, using its Ultraspan® Products. These demonstrations will take place in Finisar's booth #1403 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, March 24-26, 2015.

Flexible Coherent Technology Supporting 40/50G BPSK, 100G QPSK, and 200G 16QAM 

With its new Flex-Rate Transponder and CFP2-ACO transceiver, Finisar brings next-generation coherent 200G technology to datacenter-interconnect and Metro/Long Haul DWDM applications. Coherent 200G technology offers the lowest cost per bit solution available today and enables 400G transport using two wavelengths. The demonstration shows 200G 16QAM interoperability between Finisar's Flex-Rate Transponder and a CFP2-ACO module. These flexible solutions support multiple combinations of modulation format, data rate, and reach to simplify system integration.

The Flex-Rate transponder offers industry leading performance and high output powers up to +7dBm. Supported by the embedded Lightspeed II CL20010 DSP from ClariPhy, the module provides exceptional OSNR (Optical Signal to Noise Ratio) tolerance and extended chromatic dispersion tolerance, reducing the need for regeneration. The module is suitable for applications in transport and routing systems. A variant of the module supporting 40/50G BPSK is also available for ultra-long haul and submarine applications. 

The CFP2-ACO transceiver, based on Finisar's industry leading Indium Phosphide (InP) technology, offers the most flexible architecture in the industry. Using linear RF drivers, the Finisar CFP2-ACO can support any modulation format from 40/50G BPSK to 200G 16QAM. Separate lasers for transmit and receive allow the module to support different wavelengths in each direction. The module follows the mechanical and management interface defined by the CFP MSA and supports all three classes defined by the draft OIF Implementation Agreement. While today's router and transport equipment typically offer 1-2 coherent ports per line card, the CFP2-ACO will enable system vendors to offer high-density pluggable interfaces supporting 1 Tb/s or more on a line card. Both products are currently sampling.

UltraSpan Technology for Ultra-Long Fiber Optic Links

Finisar is showcasing new technology based on its UltraSpan® amplifiers to extend the reach and capabilities of traditional telecom systems. For ultra-long (400 km) fiber optic links, Finisar is demonstrating a 100G ultra-long coherent link that does not require repeaters. Ultra-long links are used in applications such as oil, gas, mining, energy, and transportation.  UltraSpan products are currently shipping in volume.

During OFC, Finisar will also have on display equipment from its wide portfolio of optical products. Finisar's industry-leading products include optical transceivers, optical engines, active optical cables, optical components, optical instrumentation, ROADM & wavelength management, optical amplifiers, and RF-over-Fiber.

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