ROCHESTER, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 24, 2015) - RedBottle Design is rebranding its groundbreaking app, GlassPay, and taking its experience with mobile shopping even further with Zazu Wallet, an innovative app that delivers clip-free automatic couponing for a quick, easy and simple way to save money at grocery store checkouts.

With Zazu Wallet, there's no clipping, no scanning the Sunday circulars, no searching, no downloading, no printing, and no remembering to drag piles of coupons to the store; users won't even have to hand anything to the cashier. And store management won't have to keep track of printed coupons, mail them to manufacturers, or administer the system; Zazu Wallet takes care of the whole process, from start to finish.

"If you clip coupons or know someone who does, then you know how time-consuming it can be," said Guy Paddock, CEO of RedBottle Design, LLC. "Zazu Wallet saves both customers and merchants time and money."

Currently, all other coupon apps require users to search, download, and clip -- Zazu Wallet is clip-free: users will simply snap a photo of their receipt after check-out and all available coupons will automatically be redeemed for products purchased in that transaction.

The Zazu Wallet app is currently in development and the company is seeking investors, including crowdsourcing through Kickstarter at

"RedBottle is pivoting in a new direction with Zazu Wallet. First, it reflects enhanced functionality provided by the platform, which will work on both smartphones and wearable devices. Second, we're focused on making life better for a larger group of customers -- grocery shoppers," added Paddock.


  • No coupons to clip, no coupons to print: after downloading Zazu Wallet, users simply bring their Android or iPhone smartphone into a store and automatically discover opportunities for coupon savings. It's perfect for shopping on the go.

  • Cash in at check out: with Zazu Wallet, there are no coupons to hand over at checkout, leading to frictionless transactions. No more forgotten coupons!

  • Better list creation and list sharing: once you have your list, the app searches automatically and will denote what products have coupons or deals available. Users never have to spend time searching for coupons.

  • Faster, more efficient shopping: An in-store navigation tool will help users find items on their lists, and can notify users if an item has moved from one place to another.


  • Faster coupon clearing: merchants won't have to keep track of paper coupons, mail them to manufacturers, or wait for checks to arrive. Zazu Wallet administers the process from end to end.

  • Effortless analytics and suggestive selling: merchants can track what customers buy with coupons, which provides insight and data on promotion effectiveness.

  • Send deals directly through Zazu Wallet: merchants' sales and in-store coupons can be more cost-effective and better targeted by sending them directly to their customers at the time of purchase.

  • Less expensive payment processing: by handling transactions on the customer's device, Zazu Wallet makes it possible to accept bitcoins as payment, which translates into higher margins, lower costs of doing business, and eliminates keeping sensitive customer information on file.

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Founded in 2007 by graduates from RIT, RedBottle Design is a high-tech development firm located in Rochester, NY. RedBottle has a legacy of mixing the right approach with the right technology to produce elegant solutions to complex problems. The developers and designers of RedBottle are dedicated to producing disruptively innovative apps and tools for the retail market that create better experiences and make it possible to do business faster and more efficiently, for both shoppers and merchants.

Zazu Wallet is a trademark of RedBottle Design, LLC.

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