OpenHelix Unveils New Online Training Site, Subscriber Services

Provider of Online and Onsite Bioinformatics Training Releases Enhanced Website

NEEDHAM, MA--(Marketwired - Mar 26, 2015) - OpenHelix, a division of Bio-IT World, the provider of online and onsite training on some of the most popular and powerful open-access bioinformatics resources, announced the release of a new and enhanced website, as well as expanded subscriber services for both academic and commercial research institutions. currently offers over 100 tutorial suites on popular and powerful bioinformatics and genomics tools, and the new redesigned website enhanced the offerings with an updated modern design, more concise and accurate navigation, integration of the Bioinformatics and Genomics Blog, easier access to popular OpenHelix tutorial suites, and quick access to Video Tips of the Week. 

"Learning to use the latest bioinformatics tools is critical to genomics research, and with the enhanced platform OpenHelix now offers, our current and future subscribers will greatly benefit from training from this instrumental service. We anticipate OpenHelix will expand the number of tutorial suites and product offerings in 2016," said Phillips Kuhl, President of Cambridge Healthtech Institute.

"In addition to the value of over 100 tutorial suites, our subscribers gain insight and value from the content in the OpenHelix blog," said Mary Mangan, Ph.D., Director of Product and Content at OpenHelix. "Not only have we been able to utilize that content, especially from the Video Tips of the Week, but we have been able to integrate the content into the new website through our more robust search functionalities."

Subscriptions to OpenHelix are available to both commercial and academic customers, and a subscription to OpenHelix encourages faster and more effective research by enabling the efficient use of publicly available tools to access biological data. 

"We are excited about the re-launch of," said Scott Lathe, General Manager, OpenHelix. "It is one example of how Bio-IT World is bringing the infrastructure, resources, and market reach needed to further grow our tutorials, subscriptions, and product offerings."

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OpenHelix, a division of Bio-IT World, was founded in 2003 to provide training on what was then a fledgling but quickly growing market of open access web based bioinformatics resources. OpenHelix has provided training and outreach services for many providers of resources, such as the UCSC Genome Browser, OMIM, and the Protein Data Bank (RSCB PDB). OpenHelix received a $1.2 million grant in 2007 to create a search engine for bioinformatics resources and to expand its tutorials suites. In 2009, it launched the subscription service to over 100 tutorial suites.

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