Anonabox Tor Hardware Router Announces International Rollout

Enabled with unique WiFi passwords and auto updating software among other announcements

Chico, Ca, California, UNITED STATES

CHICO, Calif., April 1, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anonabox, the cutting-edge privacy device that routes Internet traffic through the Tor network, has begun its international rollout. Anonabox, which was acquired by Sochule Inc last month, is now shipping to more than 30 countries throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.

"Over the last three weeks we have worked tirelessly to prepare Anonabox for international sales and distribution. We recently moved the company into a much larger location, with the proper square footage for mass distribution, fulfillment and dedicated customer support," said Marc Lewis, CEO of Anonabox.

In addition, Anonabox has announced that its devices come WiFi enabled and are equipped with unique 24-character passwords. Anonaboxes also come with additional security and industry-leading technology to ensure that if your device is left unattended, it cannot be compromised by others.

"Once the firmware is flashed to the device, there's no access to the configuration whatsoever, even by the person doing the install," says Anonabox developer August Germar. "The device forwards all traffic over the Tor network regardless, which makes it impossible for anyone to gain access to the device itself."

Anonabox has also begun the process of having their code reviewed by a reputable and nationally recognized third party. An unbiased third-party review should be complete in the next 30 to 90 days.

Additionally, Anonabox announced that software updates will occur automatically, another way the company is setting itself apart from competition. These capabilities will also be reviewed by the third party, and Anonabox will debut these processes once the review is complete. Consumers can be confident in the fact that this cutting-edge capability has already been included on any Anonabox with WiFi-enabled password functionality.

Another feature on the Anonabox is Tor circuit isolation, which forces each device connected to the Anonabox to use a different Tor circuit automatically. This way if a group of people is using the device at the same time, there is no way to correlate their exit nodes to connect them all to one location. For example, the first person connecting to the device might show an exit node/location in Germany, whereas the second person connecting will have an exit node in the Netherlands or Malaysia, and so on.

Finally, Anonabox is pleased to announce that it's now accepting distributor and reseller requests, as it looks to expand its reach and influence. Contact to request further information. In the coming days, Anonabox will launch a brand ambassador campaign, where individuals advocate for Anonabox, and have the potential to earn a bit of money in the process.