LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 2, 2015) -  Today, leading native advertising platform Nativo announced Dynamic Content Optimizer, an enhanced tool for brand advertisers to improve their content marketing initiatives as a campaign progresses through its flight. Working even before a campaign launches, the engine maps out optimal locations to deliver native ads and branded content -- providing a 20 percent lift in performance upon initiation. As more campaign data is collected, the Dynamic Content Optimizer continues to enhance the performance by choosing the most advantageous combination of message and location resulting in an overall performance lift of 80 percent.

"Dynamic Content Optimizer enables brands and agencies to completely revamp their ad campaigns on the fly," said Nativo CEO Justin Choi. "A campaign's performance is only as good as the content it delivers. Our solution helps make content the very best it can be so that brands enjoy the engagement and lift that native advertising can deliver."

Brands seek consumer attention for branded content but users' openness to messages varies greatly depending upon publisher site, time of day, environment (desktop versus mobile), and various other factors. Nativo's optimization tool helps marketers adjust their content advertising to maximize user attention and engagement with more nuanced capabilities.

Nativo uses real-time online machine learning to accurately predict the performance of image-headline combinations in different placements. Coupled with genetic algorithm technology, Nativo is able to optimize the delivery of tens of thousands of messages from hundreds of campaigns across thousands of publisher properties to align with client objectives.

The optimization engine makes the A/B testing much smarter, faster, and more accurate and requires very little manual input -- enabling Nativo's ad-serving stack to make impactful, real-time decisions within less than one millisecond.

"The ability to optimize dynamic content creative in real-time through the Nativo platform has proven to deliver massive attention and engagement lift to our clients' content marketing programs," said Jim Caruso, Varick's VP of Product Strategy. "These kinds of advanced content insights are really powerful, and help Varick and our clients understand what messaging resonates best with the various audiences we reach."

Nativo's Dynamic Content Optimizer is built on the value of comparing user reactions to headlines, visual images, content, and calls to action and then adjusting those elements to achieve enhanced results. Nativo's advanced technology pushes content performance and user engagement well beyond the optimization parameters today's market is accustomed to and factors in additional variables such as context, device, page placement and more to deliver optimal results.

MediaPost first reported this story.

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