NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 8, 2015) - bRealTime, the programmatic media division of digital media holding company CPXi, today announced the availability of its highest quality inventory through Private Marketplace (PMP) Packages that will be made available to demand-side platforms and key industry buyers. The offering enables these partners to access customizable inventory segments that align with relevant content and audiences and are built to perform based on specific clients' KPIs. AppNexus, DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) by Google, Kantar Media, and Mediaocean are among the first to provide access to bRealTime's PMP Packages.

"bRealTime has had tremendous success allowing demand partners full access into our marketplace to compete on an open/RTB exchange basis across our wealth of supply partner inventory," explained general manager of bRealTime, Brian Weigel. "A natural evolution, and a major 2015 focus of global growth for bRealTime, is the creation of our premium marketplace focused on customizable access to highly qualified content, audiences, and placements to meet the KPI objectives of all programmatic marketers alike -- whether focused on branding or performance. This is done in conjunction with our publisher partners to ensure they are maximizing value from a yield perspective. Today we are proud to announce its arrival and availability."

As advertisers seek an alternative to audience and inventory fragmentation across multiple partners and sources, private marketplaces are projected to grow from just over a $1B market in 2014 to more than $3.3B in 2016, according to a recent report from eMarketer.

"Advertisers want efficiency, control and transparency over their programmatic buying and where ultimately their ads are displayed and what exact audiences they are reaching," said Jonathan Slavin, CRO, CPXi. "bRealTime now provides advertisers and media buyers access to highly relevant, hand-selected audience endemic packages (such as Shopping, Travel and Home Improvement) while considering needs such as specific viewability metrics, providing effective targeting at scale within a premium, brand-safe, and platform-agnostic environment."

Industry leaders and platform partners agree with bRealTime's focus -- below is just a bit of what they have to say about the bRealTime announcement.

Brian O'Kelley, CEO of AppNexus, said, "Demand partners increasingly want access to premium inventory. That's why AppNexus is excited to offer bRealTime's inventory packages across our platform. As private marketplaces command a greater share of the programmatic market, it makes sense for AppNexus to partner with great companies like bRealTime, to boost liquidity across our platform."

Bill Wise, CEO of Mediaocean said, "Our open platform, Connect, integrates media suppliers, data providers, ad servers, and third-party technologies -- giving agencies the flexibility to build optimal solutions within their existing Mediaocean workflows. Adding quality inventory from bRealTime's private marketplace packages provides even more value to our partners as they navigate the programmatic landscape."

Dina Srinivasan, SRDS Managing Director of Emerging Media, Kantar Media, said, "Kantar Media's media planning platform,, is the industry's default planning tool for researching and building media buys. With this Kantar Media and bRealTime programmatic partnership, some 10,000 media planners can now quickly find, compare and purchase programmatic inventory from bRealTime Select publishers within our planning platform."

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bRealTime leverages a decade of digital inventory monetization experience, vast scalable relationships with quality content publishers, and deep-level integration with virtually every ad-serving platform to offer efficient programmatic media solutions for both demand and supply side partners. bRealTime is a division of digital media holding company, CPXi.

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CPXi is a digital media holding company, providing technology, services and processes that make digital more efficient and effective. Distinct divisions evolve in parallel with emerging digital media capabilities to meet the myriad challenges faced by marketers and content providers. These divisions operate both independently and in concert, and include: bRealTime, providing programmatic solutions for both supply and demand side partners; AdReady, delivering best-in-class programmatic creative, media technology and services for agencies and marketers; CCDR Media, offering cross-channel direct response campaign executions for performance driven marketers; Consumed Media, creating unique content opportunities for today's evolving digital media ecosystem;, serving as an internal incubator to solve tomorrow's advertising challenges. CPXi is a privately held company.

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