RESTON, R.I., April 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wealthminder, a provider of financial planning and investment advice software, today announced that Marie Swift, a well-known marketing communications consultant in the financial services industry and president of Impact Communications, has joined their advisory board. Sheryl Garrett, a widely-respected financial advisor and founder of the Garrett Planning Network, joined the Wealthminder board earlier this year.

Garrett and Swift will work with Wealthminder to create a new practice management and client communication solution for financial advisors. This new offering – which builds on Wealthminder's existing suite of tools – focuses on providing targeted needs-based financial plans. The solution also equips advisors and clients with real-time visibility to both the plan and it's implementation.

Wealthminder expects to make the solution available to advisors April 11th. The advisor-driven solution can be tailored to groups of advisors. Garrett Planning Network members, for example, will find a library of customized recommendations, making it easy to properly document the advisor's initial observations and advice.

"Financial advisors may not realize that problems can occur without proper documentation of their recommendations," Swift said. "It just makes sense to produce advice in a consistent, repeatable way and have documentation that can be called up anytime, for subsequent meetings or in the event of a dispute. Wealthminder's unique software makes the entire process fool-proof and time-efficient."


"The reality is that people's lives and plans change over time. Wealthminder not only helps in creating and documenting the initial recommendations, it also makes it easy to follow-up and make adjustments to the plan," Swift said. "But unlike other financial planning software, Wealthminder doesn't stop there – the system also automates the portfolio review process and provides specific buy / sell recommendations which can then be executed by the advisor or the client. This dynamic implementation and tracking model is what separates Wealthminder's solution in the marketplace. Advisors have a duty to track and monitor the plan if they have held themselves out as providing continuous and ongoing investment management for the client," Swift said.


Wealthminder's CEO, Rich Ellinger, had this to say: "Over the past fifteen years, Marie Swift and Sheryl Garrett have collaborated on books and other significant projects. They are insightful, well-connected board members who bring new energy and ideas to Wealthminder's mission of helping all Americans achieve their long-term financial goals." "It is always a pleasure to work with Marie," added Sheryl Garrett. "She and I go way back. Our Wealthminder conversations have produced some good food for thought. We are currently working on an educational module that will focus on best practices when it comes to working with clients and running a better business."


Wealthminder was founded by Rich Ellinger in 2013. The Wealthminder platform includes sophisticated financial planning and automated investment advice tools delivered in the cloud through an intuitive interface. The platform is offered in conjunction with independent financial advisors. For more information, visit or follow @wealthminder on Twitter.


Marie Swift is founder and president of Impact Communications, a full-service marketing communications firm that has for over twenty years served a select group of independent financial advisors and allied institutions. A thought leader for thought leaders, she is known for bringing some of the industry's best and brightest voices together for dialog and debate. Learn more at or follow @marieswift on Twitter.

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