Madison Logic Data Rebrands as Bombora

Bombora Offers Industry's Largest B2B Database, Provides Over 3 Billion Total Interactions per Month

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 13, 2015) - Madison Logic Data, the premier provider of demographic and intent data solutions for leading B2B marketers worldwide, today announced that it has rebranded as Bombora. Bombora was created as a new entity to serve as the primary industry source for consolidated intent data for the B2B market.

Bombora's growing database of interest areas for 245 million business decision makers and more than 2 million unique companies worldwide, creates efficiencies across all aspects of the B2B sales and marketing stacks, including email marketing, site personalization, inside sales, lead scoring, and content creation. With more than 1 billion business interactions each month, Bombora has become the B2B standard in providing scale for B2B applications.

"Behavioral intent data has proven its worth as a vital targeting tool, but unfortunately, most B2B marketers' access to that data is fragmented, making it more difficult to gain a holistic view of one's customers and prospects," said Bombora CEO Erik Matlick. "Bombora breaks down the data silos that cause that fragmentation, consolidating data to enable the entire B2B marketing industry to better understand what companies and individual end users are interested in at any given time."

During its six-month incubation period as Madison Logic Data, Bombora has already provided an unrivaled volume of high-quality B2B intent data that enables marketers to improve efficiencies and boost engagement throughout the customer journey. Here is what partners and customers are saying about Bombora:

"Bombora allows us to offer granular interest-based targeting to our advertising partners, as well as next generation post campaign analytics," says Ann Marionovich, Vice President, Advertising Strategy at Forbes Media.

"Lattice Engines leverages intent data to capture the first steps of the buyer's journey -- allowing our customers to identify who is in-market even before they've raised their hand. Our partnership with Bombora ensures that Lattice customers have access to the largest pipes of B2B intent data," said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines. "The combination of intent data at scale, along with activity and fit data from the Lattice Data Cloud, allow us to identify the best revenue opportunities for our customers throughout all stages of the sales and marketing funnel."

"B2B marketing is notoriously complex and involves multiple decision makers, all with distinct information needs," said Matthew Yorke, President of Global Business Innovation and CMO at DWA. "Existing solutions focus on triggering a behavior and have limited scale. Bombora helps us identify buyer behavior beforehand and determine what her intentions are and what information she really needs. At DWA, we've integrated Bombora into our Adaptive Marketing Platform so that we can better engage individuals within companies and within the collective buying team, in order to deliver better business outcomes for our clients."

About Bombora

Derived from the aboriginal word for large waves, Bombora signifies the sea of data that our cooperative creates and the waves of demographic and intent data that we aggregate, organize and activate for sales teams and marketers. We are the first aggregated source of behavioral Intent Data for B2B, creating a "first of its kind" data cooperative of premium B2B Media Companies. The company's Content Consumption Monitoring technology fuels this Intent Data Cooperative, which empowers marketers to more efficiently monetize their businesses, delivering data for use cases throughout the sales and marketing funnel. With solutions driven by demographic & intent data, marketers can communicate to customers with relevant messages at every stage of their journey to drive breakthrough engagements.

Bombora is a global company based in New York City. It is privately funded.

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