LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - April 14, 2015) - For over 100 years, the Panama Canal has been at the heart of global shipping, yet the route is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. The Spring 2015 issue of The New Economy takes a look at the long overdue multibillion-dollar expansion project and how the route could redefine the future of global trade.

At present, the size of the Panama Canal means certain vessels cannot pass through, and this has tempered global trade. "Such an expansion of a key trading route will inevitably have a big impact on global trade", says The New Economy report, and the Panama Canal expansion will likely bring benefits to many nations and industries throughout the globe.

The New Economy report also breaks down the $5.25bn price tag attached to the Panama Canal expansion and asks whether the costs are justified when put alongside the potential gains. "Despite the problems the scheme has faced, the Panama Canal expansion project is undoubtedly one that will transform global trade and lead to quicker and easier access for a number of industries", according to the report. Yet the project is not without its fair share of risks.

For a look at the Panama Canal report and a series of others on the subjects of technology, energy, business and strategy, read the new issue of The New Economy, available online, on tablet and in print now.

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