ASSAMSTADT, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Apr 14, 2015) - Mineral coal mining is one of the most challenging and complex industrial segments of the energy production sector and as such enjoys international acclaim. The organization and coordination of staff members, machines and material is a major logistical challenge for companies, employees and agencies. Thousands of miners work under extreme conditions twenty four-seven. To mine and extract the anthracite coal at such great depths, it is necessary to cover long distances underground to get the workers and machines to the correct working site. Smooth processes, thorough human resource planning and a high efficiency of materials and vehicles are crucial for successful mining. One of the biggest challenges is the logistical planning and successful transportation of the miners, their working materials and the coal itself.

Communication, logistical planning and successful extraction are often times without mobile devices and done well below today's state-of-the-art. Lack of efficiency, high manpower requirements, insufficient planning and the inability to analyze data and procedures signaled a clear need for a high technology mobile solution. What was once handled by paper, clipboards and unnecessary staff costs, may now be handled by a computer-based communication system and explosion-proofed handheld computers. The goal of this change is to improve the flow of materials, better plan the workforce and improve the efficiency of transportation and storage, as well as ensuring a better capacity utilization of machines and vehicles.

Mobile computing benefits include: reduced user fatigue, improved user experience, improved real-time visibility, control of containers, equipment and tools. Organizations will also see improved accuracy of the item's cradle-to-grave history; reduced risk for safety non-compliance, improved decision making and accountability and higher profitability.

With innovative developments in mobile communication and identification systems that may be incorporated into mobile computers for explosive environments, ecom instruments GmbH responds to the latest requirements. The result is embodied by the i.roc® Ci70 -Ex, a mobile computer that in many aspects points to an industrial revolution for ex-protected handheld computers, especially in the mining sector.

The i.roc® Ci70 -Ex is the latest development in ecom's successful i.roc® product range and the first PDA to have been jointly developed in conjunction with Intermec/Honeywell. This makes it a great mobile computer -- not least because of its many features that are unique to mobile computing in explosive environments.

With ecom the leading provider of mobile devices for use in explosive areas and Snively Inc -- technology specialist focused on Safety and Automation have combined their competence and achieved world´s first successful MSHA certification for this one-of-a-kind intrinsically-safe handheld computer the i.roc® Ci70 -Ex will revolutionize the mining industry and increase safety and productivity in mining and other hazardous environments.

It also comes with the highest number of global approvals for use in such areas -- from ATEX through IECEx to NEC -- and it is also entirely compatible with all applications developed for the Intermec 70 series, which means that it can be incorporated into existing systems.

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Brief profile of ecom
Globally, ecom instruments is the leading provider of mobile devices for use in explosive areas, whether including chemicals and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas production, mining or energy and the environment. For almost 30 years, ecom has set the standards and gathered comprehensive expertise in explosion protection for daily use in hazardous industrial areas across the globe. In its four core disciplines of communication, mobile computing, portable hand lamps and measurement calibration, ecom instruments offers a huge variety of innovative and proven solutions.

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Brief profile of Snively Inc.
Snively Incorporated is a leader in designing and developing cost effective custom software solutions. Snively has been developing solutions for over 25 years across all platforms. With the emergence of mobility our applications are going mobile. Developer of the Mine Safety Tracker, a leading software application that meets the demands of MSHA compliancy and reporting.

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