LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Apr 14, 2015) - Rolling Strong, LLC, the leader in health and wellness for professional bus and truck drivers, is redefining the role of a wellness coach with the expansion of its' national wellness program by placing them on-site at transportation companies. Rolling Strong currently employs over 31 Commercial Driver License (CDL) Wellness Coaches who are working daily with drivers from transportation companies such as Covenant Transport, WARD Trucking, Sherwin Williams, TransWood, and AAOO to name a few.

"Traditionally fitness or wellness coaching was limited to gyms or on-site at corporate offices," says Bob Perry, president and founder of Rolling Strong and also known as The Trucker Trainer. "Our Rolling Strong CDL Wellness Coaches have quickly adapted to their new client environment, on-site at fleet terminals, driver recruitment sites and Travel Centers where drivers stop for fuel, delivering the health and wellness information our professional drivers need where they need it, on the road."

Rolling Strong's national network of CDL Wellness Coaches has enhanced the professional drivers' wellness experience. These CDL Wellness Coaches provide one-on-one coaching that include topics like: daily health and wellness tips, how to read food labels, what foods to avoid, ways to shop and prepare food on the road, easy exercises, how to reduce stress, along with how to utilize the FIT System, the In-Cab-Gym created in partnership with Rolling Strong and Freightliner.

The role of a Rolling Strong CDL Wellness Coach is similar to a fitness trainer but much broader. A fitness trainer solely focuses on exercising and nutrition, whereas a Rolling Strong CDL Wellness Coach focuses on the entire spectrum of wellness. The Rolling Strong CDL Wellness Coach first evaluates the clinical health of the driver, which includes blood pressure, blood sugars, and BMI. The CDL Wellness Coach then creates a plan with the driver's goals in mind often combining the nutrition component with exercise. The plan supports lifestyle changes that will help drivers reach optimal health and wellness.

Rolling Strong's team of CDL Wellness Coaches receive immense satisfaction in the work that they participate in because they get to change people's lives and help these men and women get home safe to see their families. Laura York, National Wellness Director for Rolling Strong, states, "I have been in health and fitness for over 30 years but have never been so rewarded by changing people's lives on a daily basis as at Rolling Strong."

The CDL Wellness Coaches do face obstacles while trying to get through to the drivers, but it is worth it when success is seen. Being persistent regarding healthy decisions pays off when drivers drastically improve their health. "Knowing the health challenges the driver population faces, I realize we have a long road ahead," says Joni Allen. "Each small step and positive lifestyle change at a time with every driver we touch, we are making a big difference. As a Rolling Strong CDL coach, that is very rewarding!"

Rolling Strong is looking for individuals who are willing to utilize their health and fitness passion, experience and education to improve the life and health of professional bus and truck drivers that keep America moving. Applicants must be qualified health or fitness professionals who are knowledgeable in high blood pressure and diabetes. Qualities such as motivated, energetic, educated, understanding, outgoing and empathetic are looked for in applicants. A college degree or valid, up-to-date industry certifications are required. Please visit for more information.

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Rolling Strong is the leader in driver wellness providing a driver wellness program that is driver-designed and delivered to drivers where they work and live...on the road. Rolling Strong is on a mission to educate drivers and share life-changing products and services to help them while on the road. Providing transportation companies with in-terminal and on the road wellness programs, drivers and owner operators finally have access to a wellness program that makes sense for them. Rolling Strong's personalized wellness services include driver health checks at client terminals, 1:1 coach consults, access to a national network of retail clinics for bio screening and acute care, discounted DOT exam, driver fitness programs, wellness kits and telephonic health coaching. or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter at

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