BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Apr 15, 2015) - Pwnie Express today announced the next evolution of Pwn Pulse, the industry's first SaaS threat detection system designed to assess the Internet of Everything (including shadow IT and high-risk BYOx, vulnerable IoT devices, and purpose-built malicious hardware). Now offering continuous monitoring and real-time threat detection and alerting, Pwn Pulse detects all devices on and in the vicinity of an organization's premises, and automatically alerts security teams for rogue, unauthorized, and/or vulnerable devices on the wired, wireless and Bluetooth spectrum, across all physical locations. This provides enterprises with unprecedented visibility across their distributed remote and branch sites to quickly detect and deter attacks and mitigate the growing attack surface created by this rapidly emerging threat vector.

A study of 621 security professionals published today found that over 80 percent are concerned about the new, rapidly emerging, yet little-understood threat vector of rogue and unauthorized wireless devices and the Internet of Things.

"Cyber attackers seek the path of least resistance, often targeting devices and systems of branch locations, which are perceived to be less secure," said Mark Arnold, Director Information Security, PTC. "It's critical that enterprises implement innovative tools and policies across the entire organization to automatically detect the presence of unauthorized or mismanaged devices in real time, empowering security teams to respond quickly and effectively."

Powered by easy-to-deploy enterprise-class sensors, Pwn Pulse enables central management from a single cloud dashboard for scalable, continuous intelligence across remote and branch locations. The next-generation Pwn Pulse empowers organizations with:

  • Continuous Visibility: Organizations can now continuously monitor and automatically detect all wired, WiFi, and Bluetooth devices in the vicinity of their premises, giving them complete visibility across the enterprise. Pwn Pulse provides immediately actionable data including a comprehensive list of network devices that may be noncompliant or harmful.
  • Detect and Alert for "Known-bad," Unauthorized, Vulnerable, and Suspicious Devices: Pwn Pulse maintains a baseline of all known assets and immediately identifies newly discovered "unknown" devices. Additionally, Pwn Pulse identifies and immediately alerts for known rogue, purpose-built "evil" devices and/or risky devices (e.g. misconfigured, default state, vulnerable, suspicious behavior).
  • Assessment and Enforcement of Critical Controls: Pwn Pulse validates security policies, configurations, and controls and supports custom scripts to further test and validate security gaps revealed by routine vulnerability scans. Pwn Pulse provides a powerful, proactive way to respond to high probability threats and threat vectors with a full suite of pre-installed penetration testing tools. Additionally, it offers a robust library of critical security controls to help organizations cost-effectively augment existing infrastructure and maintain regulatory compliance requirements, all while strengthening their defenses through customized insights delivered by email.

"By operating at the lowest layer of the network stack, misconfigured or rogue devices can compromise all other layers of defense, rendering them ineffective," said Paul Paget, CEO of Pwnie Express. "To deal with the rapid emergence of the Internet of Everything, organizations must implement scalable tools that provide full visibility across distributed infrastructure; IT and physical security policy validation; and mitigation capabilities against ever-increasing risks created by expanding wireless environments."

Pwn Pulse is generally available. For more information please visit or contact or call (855) 793-1337.

About Pwnie Express
Pwnie Express, the world leader in remote security assessment, enables organizations to detect and deter attacks in wireless environments and remote locations by mitigating the growing attack surface created by the emerging threat vector from the Internet of Everything (IoE), including high-risk BYOx, vulnerable IoT devices, and purpose-built malicious hardware. Pwnie Express provides continuous visibility throughout the wired/wireless/RF spectrum, across all physical locations including remote sites and branch offices, detecting "known-bad," unauthorized, vulnerable, and suspicious devices.

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Pwnie products for unprecedented insight into their distributed network infrastructures. The award-winning products are backed by the expertise of Pwnie Express Labs, the company's security research arm. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. To learn more, visit or @PwnieExpress.

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