SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 15, 2015) - Linkagoal, a global, goal-based social network, is changing the way we set goals and how we reach them. Whether it's achieving a beach body, writing a novel, or saving for a vacation, Linkagoal's new mobile app, now available in beta on iOS and Android, allows users to create and share their goals, connect with others to cheer one another along, and link to others who have achieved similar goals, for guidance.

With more than 800,000 users since the soft launch of its online platform in mid-2014, Linkagoal represents the next generation in social networking. Unlike other social networks, Linkagoal focuses on achieving greater social utility and building a curated, goal-oriented community. Linkagoal users aren't limited to their existing social circles, and can tap into a global community with shared goals to source inspiration and help each other reach their collective goals faster.

"By combining the power of mobility, social networking and crowdsourcing, we are creating a tremendous opportunity to help individuals achieve richer connections through a shared purpose and make meaningful life changes," said CEO and Founder, Mohsin Shafique. "With the launch of our mobile app, users can now connect, track and better support one another through the entire goal-making process while on the go. It's like having a life coach and a thousand supporters in your pocket to cheer you on."

The new Linkagoal mobile app allows users to create a profile, and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Accountability on the Go: Users can set goals via their mobile phones and begin engaging with others for insight on how to take actionable steps to achieve them. Users can map out each step taken toward reaching any goal, no matter how modest or lofty.
  • Uncover New Connections through Shared Purpose: By connecting to others with shared goals, users can track progress, support and cheer on each other.
  • Crowdsource Guidance: Already have washboard abs or quit smoking? Linkagoal lets users make contributions and directly share advice and experiences on how best to achieve similar goals, so they don't fall foul of repeating similar mistakes.
  • Reward and Gratification: Linkagoal also incorporates an element of gamification for its community where users are rewarded with "badges" that increase their overall influence as a goal-setter or achiever.

Linkagoal will also introduce several new features and functionality to both its mobile and online platform later this year. These include: mentorship services, which enable mentors to promote and connect with users seeking specific support and services, and goal campaign management, allowing brands and companies to promote their own initiatives and connect with a curated community of users to match and better support goals with services and products, while creating new sources of revenue and goodwill.

Author of Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction and life coach pioneer, Laura Berman-Fortgang, commented on the launch of the new Linkagoal mobile app: "The barriers to achieving our goals are lack of motivation, support and simply not knowing where to start. What has become increasingly clear to me, after hundreds of success stories in my own practice, is that accountability, support and new ideas on how to accomplish goals make all the difference to creating a significant positive outcome."

The Linkagoal mobile app is free and available for download by visiting the iTunes Store or Google Play

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Linkagoal is a global, goal-based social network that enables people to create, link and contribute through a strong community of like-minded individuals. Linkagoal addresses the gap between personal and professional social networking allowing users to create and share goals, while enabling them to tap into a worldwide community to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing and mentoring to help others realize their own aspirations. Linkagoal is also the only social network platform with the ability to predict future user insights and behaviors, making it a powerful tool for brands and advertisers to match goals and even help individuals reach their goals through synergistic services and tailor products. For more information about how Linkagoal is changing the social landscape for good, please visit:

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