DENVER, CO and VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - April 15, 2015) - The United States Potato Board (USPB), the nation's potato marketing and research organization, selected MediaValet (TSX VENTURE: MVP) to organize, secure and share its library of hi-resolution videos, photos, graphics, presentations and other related marketing material with its large network of potato farmers throughout the United Sates. Farmers will now have quick and easy access to the latest marketing materials prepared by USPB.

The USPB represents more than 2,500 potato growers and handlers across the country. Today, the organization is the largest vegetable commodity board in the US and is recognized as an innovator in the produce industry. Its domestic and international marketing programs include advertising, nutrition science, public relations, retail and food service marketing, and issues management.

As a marketing organization, the USPB constantly aggregates large volumes of raw video footage and photos, and continually creates fresh marketing material for use by the Board and its members. In the past, its marketing department stored all digital assets on hard drives where 10 people internally had network access to those files. The process for sharing those assets externally was cumbersome.

"We would send smaller files by email and use cloud storage solutions for larger file transfers," commented James Ruden, Marketing Administrative Assistant, the United State Potato Board. "The process worked, but it was far from ideal."

The USPB works with a number of advertising, marketing, PR and web design agencies to create up-to-date marketing materials. One marketing piece can involve up to four agencies, and they all need access to the latest version. Sharing each version across internal and external team members using email -- and for larger files via cloud storage solutions -- was time-consuming, to say the least.

However, the biggest need for a focused effort to manage and share their digital assets came from the farmers. It was the members who requested a system for sharing USPB's videos, brochures, photos and logos for their own marketing efforts. "As a Federal entity, we are bound by strict copyright regulations around the use of our logo and how we can market ourselves," continued James. "So, on the one hand, we had many materials we wanted to share with our members; and on the other hand, we needed to ensure they only used permitted pieces."

 After a long search - and an RFP process -- the USPB chose MediaValet as it met their needs for a scalable, globally accessible and secure platform with an intuitive and easy to use user-interface.

MediaValet is leading an entirely new generation of digital asset management systems that are forged in the Cloud. Built from the ground up on Microsoft's platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud offering, Microsoft Azure, MediaValet makes it easier for organizations, such as USPB, to securely aggregate, organize, manage, and share their library of digital assets internally and externally with users worldwide.

About the United States Potato Board
The United States Potato Board (USPB) is the nation's potato marketing and research organization. Based in Denver, Colorado, the USPB represents more than 2,500 potato growers and handlers across the country. The USPB was established in 1971 by a group of potato growers to promote the benefits of eating potatoes. Today, as the largest vegetable commodity board, the USPB is proud to be recognized as an innovator in the produce industry.

Anchored by a strong foundation of market and consumer research and analysis, the USPB domestic and international potato marketing programs include: advertising, nutrition science, public relations, retail and foodservice marketing, and issues management. Whether the potato is grown for fresh, frozen, chip, dehydrated or seed use, the USPB is dedicated to positioning potatoes as a nutrition powerhouse-truly, goodness unearthed.

About MediaValet Inc.
MediaValet stands at the forefront of the emerging cloud-based digital asset management industry. Dedicated to delivering enterprise cloud software, with an in-depth understanding of Azure, and leveraging a strong relationship with Microsoft, MediaValet is uniquely equipped to meet the digital asset management needs of any organization, no matter its size, its industry or its location. Cutting edge technology, exceptional product design, and unlimited friendly customer service are at the core of MediaValet's DNA -- ensuring exceptional customer and user experiences are delivered at all times.

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