DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Apr 15, 2015) - POWERHANDZ, Inc., (www.powerhandz.com), a company that produces performance-enhancing training products for athletes, announces Dallas Cowboys Safety J.J. Wilcox to join its team of brand ambassadors. POWERHANDZ developed its football product line with feedback from nine-time Pro-Bowl Safety Brian Dawkins, who sits on the advisory team for the company. POWERHANDZ currently offers two types of weighted training gloves for football, an anti-grip and an extreme grip. These products are used by any position on the field to help increase hand speed and grip by strengthening hand and arm muscles. In addition to the weighted training gloves, POWERHANDZ created a slick football wrap that allows players to lose dexterity while passing the football.

Dawkins adds, "Nothing ends a drive quicker than an interception. You only get one chance to save the day. There are no do overs. The slick wrap and gloves help you train more intensely, so you are better prepared on game day."

Wilcox joins the team in hopes to train and reach his overall goal of being the best safety in the League, much like the reputation of Dawkins. Wilcox speaks to his training mindset, "Training has always being paramount to my success as an athlete. In high school I had to work hard, in college I had to work harder and now I must train like a Pro Bowl caliber player, in order to live out that dream."

Formerly a wide receiver, Wilcox did not find his calling at free safety until his senior year at Georgia Southern University, where he recorded 88 tackles, the second most on the team, two interceptions and three pass breakups. Needing talent at defensive back, the Cowboys drafted Wilcox 80th overall in 2013 believing that his previous position experience allows him to read quarterbacks and wide receiver routes quicker. While he had more of a reserved role in his rookie season, Wilcox started every game this past season and registered 74 tackles, three interceptions, five passes defensed and a forced fumble.

Although Wilcox had a great season and made it to the Divisional Playoff Round where the Cowboys lost to the Green Bay Packers, he still has bigger ambitions to achieve. Training with POWERHANDZ products have intensified Wilcox's skills allowing him to maintain his status as an asset for his team and the League. With a new batch of young, fast defensive backs every year, Wilcox must stay on top of his game to keep his starting position on the team.

Wilcox adds, "I'm not a gadget guy; I like effective training tools. I like the result when I use the elevation training mask and now when I train with the POWERHANDZ gloves, my hands are faster and I can feel my muscles stretching which is just preparing me for the ultimate interception. The combination of the anti-grip material and weight separates me from those athletes that train because it is a part of their day and those that train to gain a competitive edge."

This off-season, Wilcox found isolation and focus at Athlete's Performance Institute in Pensacola, FL. as he continues to prepare for the 2015 season. Wilcox is incorporating POWERHANDZ into his training sessions every day and will continue to do so as the season begins.

The mission of POWERHANDZ performance enhancing athletic training products is to inspire each athlete to be the best by innovatively increasing inner drive and performance. POWERHANDZ products are designed to strengthen hand and arm muscles and increase players' dexterity for a variety of sports, including basketball, baseball, football, and more. The POWERHANDZ product line consists of a weighted anti-grip glove, weighted pure-grip glove and slick basketball and football wrap. All POWERHANDZ products were developed and designed based on training techniques used throughout the basketball career of company CEO and Founder, Darnell Jones. Over the last five years, Jones has provided basketball skills training for several elite high school and college athletes, as well as international and NBA talents. POWERHANDZ products are available online at www.POWERHANDZ.com.

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