SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2015) - Euclid Analytics, the leader in Wi-Fi location analytics, will speak at this year's Wi-Fi Innovation Summit, the world's premier Wi-Fi conferencing series, held in San Mateo's Marriott Hotel, April 21st and 22nd.

Mark Dahm, Euclid's VP of Partnerships, will offer a unique perspective on how businesses and carriers can leverage Wi-Fi location analytics to provide answers and insights for the physical world in the same way that web analytics does for e-commerce. Dahm will also showcase how Euclid's location-based analytics is being used by brick-and-mortar businesses to drive marketing activities, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance the customer experience.

"Wi-Fi is everywhere and is the most pervasive and adaptive technology we have today," said Claus Hetting, Chairman of the Wi-Fi Innovation Summit. "The global Wi-Fi industry finds true value in multi-vendor collaboration to support Wi-Fi innovation and adoption, which is why we've assembled the industry's thought leaders to discuss how to drive more value for providers and ultimately create better user experiences."

"The emergence of smart connected cities and the Internet of Things is revolutionizing the world we live in," said Mark Dahm. "Wi-Fi is now the most ubiquitous and cost-effective platform to deliver location-based analytics and measure customer behavior at scale. Leveraging this platform, Euclid Analytics is on the forefront of offering the Wi-Fi ecosystem more ways to monetize and add value to their offerings."

The Wi-Fi Innovation Summit will include panels, lectures and discussions from the world's top thought leaders and analysts around monetization, performance and the future of Wi-Fi's industry wide standards. The summit will inform, connect and challenge every member of the Wi-Fi ecosystem including startup CEOs, providers, carriers, hardware/technology vendors and many more.

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About Euclid Analytics
Euclid Analytics is the world leader in Wi-Fi location analytics. The company provides answers and insights for the physical world in the same way that web analytics does for e-commerce. By accurately analyzing visitor traffic, behavior and shopping patterns, Euclid helps the world's leading brands design the perfect customer experience for their brick-and-mortar locations and drive better business results.

Euclid's network captures billions of measurements per day, analyzing hundreds of millions of potential shopping sessions per year across tens of thousands of locations including retail stores, quick service restaurants, airports and shopping malls. Only anonymous, non-personal data is ever collected and only aggregated trend data is used for analysis. Visit for more information.

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