COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2015) - Two Columbus-based businesses are working together to create new opportunities for innovative energy solutions for multifamily residential communities. Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP) and JadeTrack are teaming up to deliver an online portal for property developers and owners to analyze detailed energy and water usage data for their residential communities.

NEP and JadeTrack have signed a letter of intent to implement the new client portal with dashboards and advanced reporting capabilities for water and electricity consumption. JadeTrack will provide daily insights into community performance and ENERGY STAR® scores through the portal.

As a leading energy and utility provider to multifamily buildings, NEP innovates with products and processes to help customers recognize and implement efficiency measures. With one of the most sophisticated data collection and analysis systems in the industry, NEP helps property owners, managers and residents track and reduce their energy consumption.

"We are proud to partner with like-minded entrepreneurial companies such as JadeTrack," said Kit Hagan, NEP's vice president of Solution Development. "By pairing two Columbus businesses that are focused on both innovation and solutions, we will save time and resources for clients and positively influence the way our residents use water and electricity. We're looking forward to expanding the ways we can serve not only as an energy and water provider to property owners and managers, but also as a valuable energy advisor."

Supported by services and growth space from Rev1 Ventures, JadeTrack helps organizations track, manage and save resources by providing comprehensive software solutions that transform complicated energy and sustainability data into usable insights.

"We're excited to work with NEP to bring enhanced visibility and innovative energy solutions to their clients and residential customers," said Ryan Prestel, partner and CEO of JadeTrack. "As a result of this partnership with NEP, we'll be growing our team and hiring additional technology and energy management professionals," he added. 

"This partnership speaks to the amazing ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurship in our region," said Tom Walker, president and CEO of Rev1 Ventures. "With a focus on the proven market need for advanced energy solutions, JadeTrack and NEP are partnering to not only advance the industry, but reinforce our collective goal of developing companies people need."

About Nationwide Energy Partners
Nationwide Energy Partners provides integrated energy services for 30,000 residents of multifamily units, as well as their property managers and developers of residential communities in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Tennessee and Kentucky. Nationwide Energy Partners offers installation of energy services, submetering, meter reading, billing, collections and customer service to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers. For more information, visit

About JadeTrack
JadeTrack is a platform that transforms complicated energy and sustainability data into actionable intelligence. By combining the benefits of cloud-based software with meaningful data visualizations, JadeTrack puts the power of change in the hands of every user. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, visit

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