WALNUT CREEK, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2015) - Savvius, a leader in packet-level network and security forensics, today announced Savvius Vigil, the industry's first appliance able to intelligently store months of packet-level information to enhance security investigations. With Savvius Vigil, packets related to a breach can be examined weeks or months after the incident occurs. This information is often vital to a full understanding of the threat.

Security threats typically enter a company's network long before security teams detect the attacks, with research showing that attackers are inside a network for an average of 229 days before the original breach is detected. Traditionally, security analysts have had to rely on log and metadata to investigate incidents more than a few days old. Savvius Vigil gives security professionals access to the actual network packets associated with an attack even if weeks or months have elapsed.

"Savvius Vigil fills an important void in the security landscape," said Keatron Evans, Principal, Blink Digital Security. "Even though network packets may contain vital information, they haven't always been available to analysts investigating security incidents, particularly those incidents that occurred months before. By automatically storing the appropriate network packets, Savvius Vigil enhances the ability of security analysts to quickly understand and respond to newly discovered threats. It allows us to go from notification of breach to completed analysis much faster."

Once a threat is detected, Savvius Vigil responds by intelligently storing the network packets associated with that event, including packets that led up to the event, those that were created immediately after, and those in related conversations. With today's announcement, security professionals investigating a weeks- or months-old security breach can add specific network packet data to their investigation -- something previously unachievable.

"Security threats begin at the packet level. Unfortunately, months of long-term packet-level forensics have been a missing piece of the security puzzle for far too long," said Mandana Javaheri, Chief Technology Officer, Savvius. "Until today's announcement, organizations have not had a practical way to store long-term network packet data. With Savvius Vigil, security analysts can have greater insight into security incidents that occurred in the past."

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