CDx CEO Daniel Yazbeck Featured Panelist at Marijuana Investor, Technology and Healthcare Events

Groundbreaking Handheld Mini-Lab Analyzer Brings Cannabis Testing To The Palm Of Your Hand

La Jolla, California, UNITED STATES

LA JOLLA, Calif., April 16, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CDx, Inc., developers of MyDx (My Diagnostic), the first handheld analyzer technology for the cannabis industry, is on a mission to help consumers trust & verify what they ingest into their bodies easily, inexpensively and in real time. The San Diego based science and technology company has developed the MyDx Analyzer, which is a game-changing portable 'electronic nose' to bring handheld testing capabilities to consumers. It leverages the latest in nanotechnology to accurately measure chemicals of interest, anywhere, anytime.

"Our vision for MyDx is to empower consumers to test the safety and potency of everything they eat, drink and inhale," says Daniel Yazbeck, CDx CEO scientist, inventor, and former business consultant to Fortune 500 companies including Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Panasonic.

This proprietary technology, which was used by NASA, is centered on a portable chemical sensing and analyzing methodology. The company's first product suite includes the MyDx Analyzer, CannaDx Sensor, and MyDx App. Together the device analyzes chemical and molecule profiles present in a given cannabis sample.

"MyDx will be able to analyze a wide array of substances in food, water and plants using one main device, the MyDx Analyzer, with interchangeable MyDx Sensors," says Yazbeck.

Daniel Yazbeck will be a featured speaker at the following April events:

MedMJ Denver - Denver, CO

April 20 - 2:30pm-3:30pm

Topic: Technology and Software in the MMJ Space

Marijuana Investor Summit - Denver, CO

April 21 - 9:45am-10:30am

Topic: Technology & Marijuana

ArcView DC Investor Forum, Shark Panel, Alexandria, VA

May 1 – Morning Session

Topic:  Shark Panel Pitch Sessions for New Cannabis Entrepreneurs.

About Daniel Yazbeck

Daniel Yazbeck is a leading science, business and technology professional with nearly 15 years experience guiding a variety of Fortune 500 companies. He has worked with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as a Scientist specializing in chemical R &D technologies, as well as Panasonic, spearheading their new market, business and strategic product development activities in the Consumer Electronics Healthcare field. Daniel holds a Master's Degree in Medicinal Chemistry from McGill University with a minor in Marketing, and is an inventor and author of several world patents and research publications. To learn more, please visit

About CDx Inc.  (Meet Mollie Molecule video)

CDx Inc., founded by Daniel Yazbeck, empowers people to live a healthier life by revealing the purity of what they eat, drink & inhale in the palm of their hands and in real time.  The company's first product, MyDx, aka "My Diagnostic." leverages the latest in nanotechnology to accurately measure chemicals of interest in nearly any solid, liquid, or gas sample, anywhere, anytime.  To learn more, please visit

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