NEEDHAM, MA--(Marketwired - Apr 16, 2015) - For EARTH DAY Irving A. Backman, recognized champion of environmentally friendly technologies and alternative energy, and Chairman of Integrated Systems International, LLC (aka ISI Energy Controls) in celebration of Earth Day 2015 announces breakthrough technology for users of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting units.

According to Mr. Backman, "The patented and third-party-validated Energy Avenger™ Lighting Control System reduces costs of energy required for essential outdoor and indoor lighting including municipal street lights and highways, airports, parking garages and lots, schools, plant facilities, hospitals, military bases, and malls. The Energy Avenger controls HID lighting at the control panels for the existing lamps. Most important, the costs savings are accomplished without replacing any bulbs, ballast boxes or wiring.

"The Energy Avenger process works like this," Mr. Backman added. "Initially, a trained certified electrician performs a simple audit of the existing infrastucture to determine estimated savings and the appropriate Energy Avenger model to install.

"Then a Pilot program is agreed to and the Energy Avenger conservation unit, within a day, is installed next to the existing lighting control panel," he continued. "Within 20 minutes, the Energy Avenger's internal 'Program Logic Controller' steps down the power usage while maintaining full illumination. The result is a power saving, clearer, truer lighting, the reduction of glare, and extended life for the ballasts and lights."

Mr. Backman concluded, "The Energy Avenger is a patented, proven method of conserving energy and reducing costs. The Energy Avenger is in direct response to our government's mandate to the military and all industry to save energy; it is a giant step forward toward the reversal of Global Warming."

About Irving A. Backman and His Global Warming Challenge for the Next Decade

Before the year 2025, this generation -- all races, creeds and beliefs -- must accept the challenge to attack and revise the standards of health, environment, education and economic independence.

All together, we must raise America's honor and leadership -- nationally and internationally -- to new levels so that future generations obtain the benefits of one world, with similar goals of morality, sustainability and achievement. Everyone in my organization has made a commitment to help significantly reduce Global Warming by 2025, utilizing innovative and often disruptive technologies. Positive performance will make the critical difference!

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