NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2015) -  Today MoviePass, the country's leading movie theater ticket subscription service, announced that the MoviePass community is quickly approaching the milestone of one million movies seen by its members. This major milestone for the company reinforces the growing consumer interest in a subscription model for movie-goers. MoviePass will be celebrating this benchmark by awarding free movies for life to the lucky MoviePass member who sees the millionth film.

The millionth movie landmark comes on the heels of a series of key developments for the company. In December 2014, MoviePass announced its first partnership with a major movie theater chain, introducing a pilot partnership for a Premium Subscription offering with AMC Theaters in Boston and Denver. The company also saw an impressive 70% increase in subscribers in Q4 of 2014. Just last month MoviePass hired Erantzeri Corona as its VP of Marketing. Erantzeri, a former Director of Customer Acquisition from Hulu, joined MoviePass to head up an aggressive customer acquisition phase for the company.

"MoviePass is committed to offering a premium service at a time when consumers across many industries, including entertainment, are increasingly turning towards a subscription model to pay for the things they love," said Stacy Spikes, CEO of MoviePass. "This is a pivotal time of change for the movie industry and celebrating our millionth movie is indicative of the growing consumer appetite for our unique product."

"2015 is set to become a banner year for our company and for film-going," said Spikes. "We are proud to say that with a MoviePass subscription, moviegoers increase their theater attendance by an average of 60%. We look forward to driving this industry change and expansion, while converting more movie-lovers into MoviePass subscribers."

MoviePass membership enables subscribers to see up to one 2D movie per day at any theater that accepts major credit cards, nationwide, for a single monthly fee. Prices depend on location but range from $30 to $40 per month. More information is available at

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MoviePass is the nation's premier movie-theater subscription service, providing film lovers the ability to attend unlimited movies for one monthly fee. The service, now accepted at more than 90% of theaters across the United States, is the nation's largest theater network. MoviePass will be introducing a wide range of exclusive new features that will allow users the ability to view premium formats, as well as share and manage their movie going experience more effectively, by making the overall MoviePass experience more enjoyable and expansive.

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