LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 17, 2015) - Merchant Banking Resources, a business loan company that provides their business clients with viable funding solutions, announced today that Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark McGuire will be interviewed live by host Michael Yorba on Clear Channel - iHeart Business Talk Radio's "The Trader's Network" Show. In this exclusive interview, Mr. McGuire will discuss the company's vision, which is to create opportunity for entrepreneurs and community members alike, through the creation of jobs, capitalization of opportunity, and delivery of the best possible working capital assistance to business owners within their respective market segment.

U.S. Shareholders, analysts, industry professionals and all interested parties are encouraged to listen live via Clear Channel's nationally syndicated iHeart Radio stream.

Date: April 18, 2015
Start Time: 1:00pm ET | 10:00am PT | 12:00pm CT (U.S.)
Network: Clear Channel - iHeart
Station: DFW 1190AM
KFXR Show: The Trader's Network
Host: Michael Yorba
Live iHeart Radio Stream: http://www.iheart.com/live/4276/?autoplay=true

About Merchant Banking Resources
When the real estate market slowed in 2008, Mark McGuire saw a solution to provide working capital to their existing clients, most of whom, owned small businesses. McGuire's mission was clear again! Build a quick, easy and fast business loan company, and streamline the approval and funding process.

The mission at Merchant Banking Resources is to provide their Business clients with viable funding solutions. The goal is to accelerate products, projects, and services by means of timely funding. Their vision, in short, is to create opportunity for entrepreneurs and community members alike, through the creation of jobs, capitalization of opportunity, and delivery of the best possible assistance to business owners within their respective market segment.

Merchant Banking Resources prides itself on its customer satisfaction and the support provided to clients. Helping businesses thrive and succeed is the ultimate goal Merchant Banking Resources strives to achieve. We help both large sized companies and small businesses, each with unique requirements, procure the various amounts of funds needed to grow and expand successfully.

About CEO Mark McGuire
At just 19 years old Mark McGuire was a licensed Realtor with Jerry McGuire, The #1 Realtor in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Jerry Sr. and his son Jerry T. took the time and trained McGuire in Real Estate Best Practices, Sales and Professionalism.
He became a Real Estate Broker at age 23.

In 1994, Mark McGuire saw a need for easier and faster lending as all of his clients were waiting on their bank's final mortgage approval. The Company began offering loans to our real estate clients, and in just a few months, they had more mortgage clients than they had real estate sales clients! McGuire's mission was clear; build a quick, easy and fast mortgage company, and streamline the home sales process. This evolved into refinancing their clients for better rates and terms and they also added commercial real estate brokerage and commercial loans. They also built a one-stop shop. The company would list for sale their clients existing home, develop and build them a brand new home, and provided them financing. Certainly, when they sold their old home, they almost always provided the home loan for that buyer too.

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