SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 20, 2015) - National Pen, a San Diego-based supplier of promotional marketing products, has given the world of office jargon a new and refreshing look. "The Landscape of Office Jargon" is a brand new infographic highlighting such touch points as bandwidth, evergreen content, what it means to circle back and drill down, having one's ducks in a row and, of course, tabling the conversation.

Marketing jargon has taken over the language of the office as an acceptable and preferred manner of speaking to coworkers. If anyone has ever told you to "ping" him or her or "run it up the flagpole," then this infographic is sure to hit home.

National Pen knows how frustrating at times office jargon like this can be, especially when it is overused by a fellow employee. "The Landscape of Office Jargon" infographic seeks to not only help individuals understand what each term means, but it presents the information in a way that is sure to make anyone smile, even if some of the terminology makes you want to cringe.

The office world will continue to evolve and create ever-changing terminology in an effort to really "move the needle." This infographic can help employees and businesses to associate the sometimes annoying jargon with delightful and humorous images.

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