NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwired - Apr 20, 2015) - Discovery Sound Technology (DST), reimagining HVAC service with the industry's first cloud-based service delivery platform, today announced the general availability of Version 2.1 of its proven, field-tested Discovery Platform ((dp))™. The new platform combines advanced new audio diagnostics, structured processes, proven analytics software and a data-driven approach in a bid to forever alter the way HVAC service providers service their customers and manage their businesses.

Like most machines, HVAC system components, whether mechanical, electrical or pneumatic, generally provide ample warning of an impending failure by making identifiable noises that worsen over time. These noises are often generated at higher frequencies in their early stages and above what human hearing can discern. With years of experience, senior HVAC technicians learned to recognize and diagnose many such sounds as they became audible, although most components are nearing the point of complete failure before a service call is even requested. In this old industry paradigm, the seasoned technician with the best ears was the most valuable to their employer and most service calls were reactive in nature, not proactive. Also, in this mode, most equipment was repaired or replaced rather than being proactively serviced and maintained.

The DST Discovery Platform ((dp)) is a game-changing advancement for the HVAC industry, giving forward-thinking service providers and mechanical contractors a suite of new tools that will help them stand apart from their competition and redefine their HVAC service business model. The platform has been in development and field testing for over three years in joint collaboration with early service provider customers. It includes advanced audio diagnostic sensors, software apps, tools and back-end infrastructure that brings accuracy, reliability, predictability and professionalism to the HVAC service provider market, and transforms the service paradigm from reactive repair and replacement to proactive predictive maintenance.

Because the ((dp)) automates and simplifies many tasks that only senior technicians could previously perform, it dramatically reduces constraints on these valuable limited resources. And because the system is easy-to-use and highly efficient, it dramatically improves service technician productivity, reduces labor costs and helps retain customers by creating long-term, mutually beneficial service opportunities.

((dp)) Key Features Include:

  • Advanced audio sensors. Patented digital ultrasound sensors that technicians use to capture audio recordings of HVAC equipment components at predetermined locations throughout the system.
  • Audio file database. A constantly expanding proprietary database containing over 100,000 sound files with "audio matching" technology that compares new recordings to the database for rapid, reliable problem identification and the industry's most intelligent and accurate HVAC diagnostics.
  • Analytics. Cloud-based analytics and a suite of reporting modules and tools for professional and consistent site management and customer communication.
  • Data-driven. A structured, data-driven approach with back-end database for reliable, professional, long-term customer HVAC asset management.

"The DST Discovery Platform is revolutionizing a very traditional yet critical industry with not only technology tools, but with structured processes, a data-driven approach and predictive analytics that will forever alter service provider business models and end-customer service expectations," said John Jenkins, CEO of DST. "Our technology is well-tested and field-proven, and with today's release of our Version 2.1 we look forward to working with those HVAC service providers that are progressive thinking and aggressive about leveraging our platform to differentiate their business and dominate the competition in their market."

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About Discovery Sound Technology (DST)
Headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., DST is disrupting the HVAC ecosystem by establishing a new benchmark in Quality of Service delivery among service providers and mechanical contractors. DST empowers its customers to stand apart from the competition with a fully integrated platform consisting of advanced new audio diagnostic tools, a proprietary database of over 100,000 sound files, a data-driven back-end infrastructure, and cloud-based software and analytics that propel the industry forward. DST is changing the rules by redefining end-customer service expectations, forever altering service provider business models, and creating vast market opportunities for forward-thinking service leaders who are ready to embrace the future of HVAC service and dominate their competition. To learn more about DST and the future of HVAC service delivery, visit

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