PADUA, ITALY--(Marketwired - Apr 20, 2015) - People are crazy for coconuts. In fact, the coconut water industry is now a $1 billion business. It's easy to see why the fruit is in high demand given the numerous health benefits, including increased energy, improved digestion, brighter skin, and fewer food cravings to name a few.

Now, a new gadget called Cococrack is hoping to make it easier to enjoy the fruit at home, work or on-the-go. Launching its Indiegogo campaign today, Cococrack is a clever gadget that makes cracking open a mature coconut simple, quick and clean. Now you can finally go to the kitchen drawer -- and not the garage -- to get a gadget to open this super-hard fruit.

"I love fresh coconut, but if you've ever tried to open one you know it's really difficult," said Valerio Canetti, who invented the Cococrack. "I wanted to open one and I tried everything from a hammer and screwdriver to a saw. I went to the kitchen gadget store and even the hardware store, looking for a tool. It's a frustrating experience and you can really cut yourself if you whack it with a machete! That's why we developed the Cococrack. It's such a simple and safe way to enjoy a coconut."

The Italian designed gadget includes two basic tools: an opener like a cone-shaped corkscrew and a cutter. With the opener you find the soft 'eye' on the coconut and corkscrew the opener in it to get at the water and start to crack the shell. The cutter allows for easy removal of the coconut shell and meat so you can easily share fresh slices with family and friends or add to your favorite recipe. [See video]

"It's a simple gadget that is sure to make life a little easier. No more hassle or frustration. You can easily open, enjoy and continue with your day. No need to bring the axe and chainsaw!" Canetti continued.

Trademarked and patent approved, Cococrack is made of high-quality, washable materials specifically designed for kitchen use. Cococrack comes in three different colors: yellow, green and orange.

Cococrack's Indiegogo campaign runs for 30 day with a goal of 15,000 euros. To learn more about Cococrack or to support their Indiegogo campaign, visit

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About Spirit of St. Louis

Spirit of St. Louis is an Italian company founded by Valerio Canetti in February 2015 to develop, produce and market Cococrack. Spirit of St. Louis is the name of the monoplane flown by Charles Lindbergh on the first non-stop solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Canetti admires the courage of pioneers like Lindbergh and chose his plane's name for the startup company to highlight the company's commitment to innovation. Cococrack is the first "flight" for the company. The company has many ideas about innovative products to make everyday life easier and safer and to help the environment with green solutions. For more information visit

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