RICHARDSON, TX--(Marketwired - Apr 20, 2015) -  After months of rigorous testing, the global independent safety science company, UL, has granted its certification to the AC6000, a lithium-ion uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufactured by Methode Electronics' Active Energy Solutions, a division of Methode Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: MEI).

"UL certification is a key milestone as it verifies the quality and integrity of the product. The AC6000's certifications -- certified against UL #s1973, 1778, 991 and 1998 -- proves this new lithium solution delivers a safe, proven and reliable solution over the life of the battery," said Emilie Stone, general manager of Methode Electronics' Active Energy Solutions. "Our customers were constantly replacing their lead-acid-based UPS' due to rapid health degradation. Now data center managers can relax knowing that using and testing the battery won't cause degradation."

Stone continued, "This is the first lithium-ion, high density UPS on the market at this power level. Space is a valuable commodity in data centers, and the AC6000 frees up scarce real estate to support the core business."

Lithium-ion technology is taking data centers to the next level with more power in a smaller footprint. Designed not only to protect IT equipment from power outages, the AC6000 also has the unique ability to supplement the AC grid during peak energy consumption.

"Our lithium-ion solution gives customers the ability to 'peak shave,' supplementing a data center's power draw from the battery and then recharging it at a non-peak time," added Stone. "Instituting regular peak shaving can lead to significant energy conservation, which saves our customers money and reduces their environmental footprint at the same time."

The AC6000 also has a strong reusability factor, allowing it to be cycled continually and making it an active participant in the data center. By planning for regular provision of off-grid power, a data center can significantly reduce its energy use -- providing measurable, environmental and financial benefits.

Methode Electronics' Active Energy Solutions will be launching new "Lease & Buy Back" programs at the upcoming Data Center World Global Conference 2015, April 21-22. Referred to as GET THE LEAD OUT, these programs are designed for lead-acid battery owners who are interested in trading up to new eco-friendly lithium-ion UPS that delivers a smaller footprint, true battery intelligence and years of maintenance-free life. Program details include both three- and five- year lease options, with a buy-back opportunity for lead acid batteries.

Stop by Booth #601 to see a live demonstration of the AC6000 UPS and to get more information on GET THE LEAD OUT. For product information on the AC6000, and other data center products and services, visit

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Active Energy Solutions (AES), a Methode Company, is a leader in lithium-ion battery systems and power electronics. Since its inception in 2006, AES has designed, tested and produced a variety of customized energy storage systems to deliver greater efficiency in battery energy density, life and footprint for our data storage, telecom and alternative energy customers. Designed to integrate flawlessly with Methode's DCIM and PDU solutions, we help clients better manage their power resources with intelligent products and services -- delivering more data center real estate while reducing operational expense from day one.

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