HOBOKEN, NJ--(Marketwired - Apr 20, 2015) - TravMark, a specialty insurance company, offers cancellation insurance which can be purchased for a variety of activities, including: summer camps, trade shows, sports programs, and educational programs. Designed to protect interests with pre-paid costs, TravMark's A+ Protection specifically covers "program cancellation" and "program arrangements." With summer camp season around the corner, it's important that families think about protecting their investment.

Attending summer camp is a rite of passage for many kids. It is a time for enrichment, physical activity and making friends. If a child cannot attend camp due to unforeseen circumstances, insurance can help families from losing the pre-paid tuition.

For decades, TravMark has customized and designed insurance plans sensitive to the needs of summer program participants as opposed to "off the shelf" travel insurance plans that a business traveler might purchase when flying overnight to a meeting. 

"No one wants to lose their hard-earned money because an illness or other surprise changes their plans," said Mark Ceslowitz of TravMark. "When registering your child for summer camp, you're likely spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. This insurance serves as a safety net."

Summer Program insurance plans cover the program cost and any travel expenses for cancellation before or interruption during a program session. In addition, medical expenses are covered, a key benefit due to the fact that many medical providers utilized at a summer program are often considered out of network by a family's health insurance plan. TravMark plans for residents of the United States do not exclude psychological conditions, which can be important for children attending camp who have issues related to homesickness. Most generic travel insurance plans have psychological exclusions.

With TravMark's A+ Program Protection, if the program cost is under $25,000 lasts under 90 days and the participants are under age 80, it can usually be insured immediately online. A+ Program Protection also covers medical expenses during the program, emergency evacuation, baggage/personal effects and a coverage option to "cancel for any reason." 

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TravMark, based in Hoboken, N.J., provides all forms of business and individual insurance, assisting hundreds of program operators with their insurance needs. TravMark insures tens of thousands of program participants worldwide annually through its custom developed plans. For more information, visit www.TravMark.com or call 1-800-358-0779, ext. 221.

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