GOLETA, CA--(Marketwired - April 20, 2015) - BIOPAC Systems, Inc. has released the BioNomadix Logger, an innovative device that provides wireless, wearable physiology for long term recording of physiological data. Unique in the industry, this new product allows researchers to record long term physiology data from human subjects and allows researchers' studies to extend beyond the lab.

The BioNomadix Logger has the capacity to store up to 24 hours of high quality data from 10 different channels from 14 different types of signals including ECG, EEG, EMG, EDA, EOG, EGG, Pulse, Respiration, Temperature, Cardiac Output, Heel & Toe Strike, Clench Force, Accelerometry, & Goniometry. The Logger also provides information about a subject's activity levels throughout the day and allows them to keep a voice journal of key moments or points of interest. Researchers can thus use the Logger's wireless capabilities to record their subjects as they go about their daily lives, providing true physiological data associated with everyday activities.

The new system features color display for visual feedback, speaker for auditory feedback, vibration for haptic feedback, voice journal, event markers, alarms, and a built-in accelerometer. Data can be logged on the device or be paired with any BioNomadix dual-channel receiver and BIOPAC's MP150 data acquisition system. The Logger is also compatible with AcqKnowledge® software for intuitive and powerful data analysis. 

"This new device marks an important step forward for life science research," said BIOPAC CEO Frazer Findlay. "The Logger's mobile utility not only makes it a solution for in-lab life science experiments, but also for a host of monitoring applications including: consumer studies, psychophysiological behavior testing, clinical trials and sports science investigations."

The Logger is part of BIOPAC's wireless, wearable, and physiological ambulatory suite of devices. The Logger greatly increases the potential of the BioNomadix product line and enables scientists to expand the complexity of their experiment design. 

More information on the BioNomadix Logger can be found on the BIOPAC website: http://www.biopac.com/Research.asp?SubCatId=239&Main=BioNomadix%20-%20Wireless%20Physiology  

About BIOPAC Systems

BIOPAC was founded in 1985 and is recognized around the world as a premier choice for life science hardware and software. BIOPAC makes high quality scientific tools for physiology measurement and interpretation. BIOPAC solutions range from educational solutions to cutting edge devices for use in lab, real world, and virtual reality environments. For more information on BIOPAC products, visit www.biopac.com.

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